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Syria | The Massacre in Houla - Who is responsible? What Are the Links to the US, UK & Europe?

Updated on April 15, 2014

Houla Massacre Sparks Massive Media Blame Game

BREAKING NEWS FROM SYRIA - Houla Massacre Leaves Scores of Civilians Dead

By now you have probably heard about the latest atrocity in Houla, Syria, where over 90 civilians have been found massacred. The internet and news stations are ablaze with stories about innocent children being murdered by Assad loyalists, a convenient ploy when you consider the fact that the US, UK, NATO & the UN have been itching to invade Syria, much like they invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Libya, amongst many other countries.

This potential invasion of Syria is seen by many as a pretext for impending illegal preemptive strikes against Iran, another agenda of the West that has been building momentum since early last year.

Although the news stations are erroneously reporting that those killed were murdered by Bashar Al Assad's (Syrian President) forces, once you dig a little deeper into this ruthless attack which occured in Homs on Friday 25th May, 2012, you come to the disturbing realisation that all is not as it is portrayed, reported or 'stated'.

UN Observers take pictures of bodies of people killed in Homs during the Houla Massacre (Syria)
UN Observers take pictures of bodies of people killed in Homs during the Houla Massacre (Syria) | Source

The Picture BBC 'Erroneously' Portrayed As Being Murdered Children in Houla, Actually FromIraq!!

The BBC put up a picture of rows of bodies (many of them purported to be children) to 'bring home the aftermath of the massacre' of Houla, which in fact was a total lie as the picture that they made public (shown below) & said was from an unverified source was one taken by photographer Marco Di Lauro more than a decade ago.

In Post-Saddam Iraq. Not Houla in Syria. This is just another attempt, which seems to have backfired on the media, to propagate anti-Middle Eastern propaganda.

The Picture the BBC 'erroneously' labelled as the Houla Massacre
The Picture the BBC 'erroneously' labelled as the Houla Massacre | Source

How is it that a massive media corporation like the BBC is firstly pulling images off the net (from unverified sources, according to them), and secondly, how could they make the ultimate mistake of labelling this anonymous picture as an image depicting the ruthless attack in Houla, when it was in fact an image capturing the carnage inflicted after NATO destabilised Iraq with the complicit aid of the West??

In the words of Marco Di Lauro, the original photographer, he 'nearly fell off his chair' and was 'astonished' when he saw they had used his picture without firstly checking their sources! Furthermore, this is a blatant attempt to instigate high emotions and lay the foundation for further military presence by NATO, UN, US & UK in Syria as a means to take control of yet another Middle Eastern country.

At first, one may be tempted to believe that this is just an innocent blunder by the BBC, but when you take into account the obvious agendas of the West during the last few months it fast becomes startlingly apparent, that this was no innocent blunder at all. It is in fact a blatant ploy to garner world sympathy & support for the Western powers to infiltrate Syria.

Assad Loyalists Were Also Reported to be Killed During this Massacre

To complicate things further, some of those found murdered were actually Assad Loyalists, destroying the theory that Assads' forces were responsible for the attack. After all, why would the Syrian army slaughter innocent civilians, and then retreat, allowing the rebels to come in & take pictures and document the carnage???

It is no secret that many Syrians (and truthseekers across the world) believe that this saddening case of butchering was done by armed terrorist groups supported by Western powers, in order to lay the foundation for a swift & illegal foray into Syria.

Why is it that every time the West is eager to intrude a country, that country begins to conveniently have barbarous conflicts, littered with civilian casualties left, right & centre? We see that as being the case with Libya - a country that cleverly had to be contained by the West due to the supposed casualties being caused by Gaddafi.

This in itself is a ridiculous scenario, as Gaddafi was for all intents and purposes a Western ally up until the point he threw up the concept of switching from the worthless dollar to the fruitful Gold dinar! The theme that seems to constantly be in the mainstream media is that the Middle Eastern public are oppressed, suffering at the hands of their leaders & as such require Western support & intervention to afford them democracy.

This facade may stand up in certain countries across Asia & Africa, places where people are unable to access knowledge and information, but it simply cannot be corroborated in front of people with access to information.

Which is why there is a big question over who the perpetrators of this latest incident actually are - facts have come to the surface which cast serious doubts over the assumption by the western media outlets that the Syrian army was responsible. The fact that the victims were mercilessly killed not by artillery strikes, but instead by close range fire is not proving the theory that the Syrian Army was responsible.

Additionally there is evidence that some of the images and videos depicting the bloodshed are actually not from Houla after all but from other Syrian towns where people have been exterminated by opposition forces. Which begs the question of how the mainstream media can possibly depict such purposefully fallacious insinuations!!

Who Do You Feel Profits Most from the Houla Massacre?

It is a sad case of reality, but whenever there is an impending or actual war, there are always war profiteers behind the scenes. In this case, who do you think profits?

See results

Who Really Profits From the Horrific Events in Houla, Syria???

In order for us to really understand what this massacre is all about, we have to consider one essential question: Who stands to profit from this atrocious act of unbridled, senseless violence in Houla (Syria)???

In all fairness, why is it that whenever the UN wants to hold a security meeting, or whenever the West wants to portray the image that they want to 'help' a country for humanitarian aid or democratic purposes, a new devastating event occurs, leaving innocent civilian casualties?

How is it that the West is able to point fingers at the supposed perpetrators within days or even hours after the havoc has occurred, with no official investigation, trial or conviction? Surely this falls under one of two categories, one marginally less malicious than the other - either these accusations are a sinister attempt to goad people into supporting a malevolent agenda in the Middle East & Africa, or they are designed to lambaste a nation of people, & ensure they never rise above the poverty they are being subjected to.

It is impossible to stress enough the fact that we need to research independently whenever a group of people, a set of beliefs or a way of life is berated, made into the enemy or constantly vilified in the mainstream media & by the governments of various countries. We are led in to wars, indiscriminately murdering innocent children, women and men, with no thought for the lands or the future generations, & the only way we can stop this vicious cycle is to educate ourselves and others of the truth, even if it goes against the norm & everything we are led to believe.


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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      Everything you said is mostly true, but you don't seem willing to admit the truth in what you said? Meaning yes Israel DOES have nukes, They need them due to every country around them hates their guts! Israel has NEVER attacked a country without first being provoked many times over before they launch attacks. Israel and America are the Zionist, Everyone knows this. I have never heard of a great leader speak these words. Do you believe Israel is trying to render Palestine helpless? They had no choice! Bombs come from their towns DAILY! The bomb warnings go off at least once every 24 hours on most days. Israel has given their enemies land and left their homes in the hope of peace to no avail. We should NOT have stepped in on Egypt but then again look who is leading them now? The Muslim Brotherhood. The same muslim brotherhood that only weeks before the election said they too wanted Israel wiped off the face of the earth...........Why do you defend these people? Iran has more oil than most countries, they do not need nuclear power. In mentioning this I find it funny that liberals stand up for nuclear power for our enemies yet condem America and will not let us build another nuclear plant without serious fights??? I guess that is all I have for now. ......I hope this gives you reason to reconsider.

    • hinazille profile image

      CONSCIOUSNINJA 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      American Romance,

      I will address each one of the points you have made, one by one.

      'You speak as though truth is something you desire-'

      The truth IS something I desire, and it should be something each and every human being with a brain should desire too. This is why I wrote a series of articles discussing the TRUTH about a few major world events and affairs over the last decade.

      '..yet you turn it around by saying things like the UN is itching to invade Iran?'

      The UN, NATO, US, UK, parts of Europe & the illegal state of israel are ALL itching to invade Iran as it is really the only middle eastern country left that the US and Israel havent got their claws into. There are no military US bases there, and the blatantly transparent agenda of the Western powers is to infiltrate Iran, destabilise it & take control of the resources of the country, whilst simultaneously killing thousands, no MILLIONS, of innocent civilians- much like they did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.

      I have written a whole hub about the lies & double standards that israel and the US government have been spreading with regards to Iran and its civilian, nuclear energy program. The sheer cheek of israel & the US government to even suggest that Iran should not be researching nuclear energy as it MAY lead to developing nukes is ludicrous beyond belief - israel is sitting on 300 atomic weapons themselves & the US, another nuclear armed country, is the only country who has actually deployed nukes! This is the truth - no lies here. Facts that you can check up for yourself.

      '...The Iran president is on videos telling the world his only goal in life is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and then come after the United States...'

      This is a lie propagated by the Western media, and a blatant misinterpretation of what Ahmedinejad actually said. If you checked up unbiased sources such as RT, TheYoungTurks, etc. you would fast come to realise that just because CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc. say something - it doesnt mean its true, corroborated or even 10% correct.

      To clarify - Ahmedinejad actually said it is his desire to wipe the ZIONIST regime off the face of the Earth - a regime that has ousted, raped, slaughtered the Palestinians from their own houses. Not the muslims kicking out and murdering the Zionists - its entirely the other way round.

      When the US makes statements like we have to take out Al Qaeda & the Taliban, and leaders of middle eastern countries & african nations (places that are resource - OIL - rich), you don't feel animosity towards them, but when Ahmedinejad says that a terrorist regime needs to be eliminated - its a big, big deal. Case of double standards, perhaps?

      ' much truth does a person need from a radical Muslim?..'

      The definition of radical is '..A person who advocates thorough or complete political or social reform...' Honestly, there seriously needs to be a RADICAL & thorough reform of the corrupt Western powers that currently rule the majority of the world in their own interests with ZERO regard for humans.

      Furthermore, I'm pretty sure you have no idea what the word Muslim actually means - to be a muslim is to attain peace by submitting your will to the will of God. Muhammad did it. Jesus did it. Moses did it. Abraham did it. All the Prophets & messengers sent by God to Earth for the guidance of mankind submitted their own will to the will of God - hence to malign muslims is to malign all the Prophets. I really think you need to research a hell of a lot more before you cast insinuations.

      '...It is certainly not an idle threat considering most atrocities against human life in the past 50 years have been commited by radical Muslims?...'

      Lets take the last 11 years as an example. The major atrocities in the world have not been caused by muslims as you seem to think. The US & its allies (Christians and Jews) have reaked havoc in numerous middle eastern & african countries, mercilessly destroying MILLIONS of lives.

      I will just mention a couple of the countries that the Christian leaders have infiltrated and ruthlessly slaughtered entire generations in:

      Libya. Egypt. Iraq. Afghanistan. Pakistan. Lebanon. Syria. Ivory Coast. Palestine.

      Need I go on???????

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      hinazille, You speak as though truth is something you desire, yet you turn it around by saying things like the UN is itching to invade Iran? The Iran president is on videos telling the world his only goal in life is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and then come after the United States. much truth does a person need from a radical Muslim? It is certainly not an idle threat considering most atrocities against human life in the past 50 years have been commited by radical Muslims?

    • hinazille profile image

      CONSCIOUSNINJA 5 years ago from Planet Earth


      It is deeply, deeply saddening to see human lives plundered in this way - it feels like a waiting game, we are continually waiting for the next atrocity whilst we feel helpless to physically do a thing to stop them.

      That's why I keep emphasising the only hope we have is to educate ourselves and people around us to not be fooled with the governmental propagandas.

      Many Thanks for your read & for making the effort to comment!!

    • hinazille profile image

      CONSCIOUSNINJA 5 years ago from Planet Earth


      You are right - I am tiptoeing around the topic to some extent, although I think my article makes it crystal clear that the culprits in this case (and most other cases in fact) are in fact NATO, UN, US, UK & its allies.

      I feel until I can get corroborated facts about definite presence of these countries and corporations in Syria, I do not want to positively corroborate, but I believe it is part of the Western (& Zionist) agenda to take over the Middle East, and eventually the entire globe, with zero regard for human life.

      For example - Phillip (Elizabeths husband) in the UK specifically stated he feels the world is over populated - back in the 1970's - and wants to come back as a deadly virus to exterminate the world population. The concept of of over population in itself is total BS & ludicrous as the entire worlds population can fit into Texas!!!!!

      The Syrian massacre is another example of these global terrorists using human lives to further their propaganda - inhumane, brutal, callous, murdering devils that would love to see bodies strewn everywhere except in their backyard.

      Thank you very much for your read, & for taking your time out to give your insights!!

    • hinazille profile image

      CONSCIOUSNINJA 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      Angela, I am so pleased that you are interested to find out the truth, this is very heartening!

    • Joseph8 profile image

      John Doe 5 years ago

      Informing article. Unbelievably sad and confusing that things like this happen.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      It would be interesting to point fingers at eventual culprits instead of remaining vague! Your analysis remains impersonal. You just tiptoe, where's the point?

      Is it Hassad's interests to kill his people or the U.S. or the British, or Israel that never hid its will to dominate the Middle-East through the U.S. military intervention?

      Hassad remains one of few Middle-Eastern presidents that is not submitted to the U.S. hegemony and he has to pay the price like Khadafi, Hussein did.

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Very sand but interesting topic... Everyone would like more prospective on this subject!