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Brexit A Win For Britain

Updated on October 1, 2016

For those who responded to the result of the EU referendum with shock and bewilderment, the 'leave' outcome might be better understood or even expected with a greater understanding of how the European Union functions, politically speaking.

The European Union isn't just undemocratic, it's anti-democratic. In order for democracy to function, there needs to be some level of transparency. It would be a challenge for most to name the president of the European Union. It would be an even greater challenge to name all four (Europa, 2016). Locating the very headquarters is seemingly impossible, particularly so given that there are over ninety institutional buildings in Brussels alone. Further to the disguise and confusion, here are some of the different sects which comprise the colossal European Union.

Sects of the EU:
European Council
Council of the European Union
Court of Justice of the European Union
The European Commission
The European Parliament
European External Action Service

There is undoubtedly an utter lack of accountability; this being something that is a pertinent facet of any democratic union. That being said, even if it was clear who was leading it wouldn't help, particularly so given the fact that there are no democratic processes to repeal passed legislation or appoint leaders and commissioners (Farage, 2015). Most deliberations are so secretive, that it is impossible to read or hear about their contents.

There are some worried arguments of those pessimistic about Britain's future outside of the European Union. This evidently failing to take into account that only twelve percent of the entire British economy is made up by exports to the European Union (National Institute of Social & Economic Research, 2015). The assertions that a country needs trade deals to trade is ludicrous. For Britain to prosper, it is imperative they leave the EU.

Switzerland for example has the lowest unemployment rate and highest quality of life, with Zurich being the wealthiest city in the world (OECD, 2015). Swiss Economist, Beat Kappeler claims this is largely due to Swiss trading with Japan, China and Latin America, all of which are countries Britain is restricted or prohibited from trading with. Not only this, Switzerland is also the least regulated country in the world, this being something implemented by Ludwig Hardt as part of the 'German miracle' following 1945 (German Economic Miracle, 2008). The amount of regulations that the European Union imposes are so ludicrous and bureaucratic that it prevents any real economic progression or clarity.

The potentially explosive and seemingly sensitive issue belonging to the topic of Brexit is the accusations of racism and xenophobia. To label 'leavers' as either of those is wrong because negatively labeling the decision of one group, whilst promoting the decision of another group, thus takes away democratic right. Everyone is entitled to decide and vote accordingly regardless of contrasting opinions or political standpoints. Who can blame 'leavers' for wanting a little more control over their boarders considering the strain on England as a whole. The people of England are forced to wait a standard two weeks for a consultation at the local GP. The housing crisis alone is ever increasing; it was revealed that the population of Britain while in the EU was expected to surpass 80 million by 2040, that being so, a new house would need to be built every four minutes, night and day to accommodate such numbers (Fullfact, 2016).

Despite British intentions to continue a strong relationship with their European neighbours, President Jean-Claude Juncker was quoted as issuing threats such as, "The UK will have to get used to being regarded as a third-party state… deserters will not be welcomed back with open arms". However, Britain evidently have refused to be bullied by the un-elected and desperate Juncker and his words equaling those of a psychotic cult leader.

It is important to remember that democratically speaking, 'leave' won by vote. Britain is the first Republican country to leave the European Union and will not be the last.


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