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Brexit 2016: The First Card in a House of Cards

Updated on July 3, 2016

So much has already been said about the Britain’s vote of leaving the European Union that it’s hard to make an original comment on this display of common people’s will and exercising their right for self-determination. Obviously, not everyone is happy, and Scotland is now threatening to leave the United Kingdom in order to remain in European Union. What’s more interesting, however, is how unhappy U.S. President is about Brexit. In fact, he even tried to bully U.K. back in April by warning U.K. that if it leaves EU, the US-UK trade agreements would suffer. How sneaky… One may think that US has been the initiator for such an incredible unification of various nations as European Union. That would be a very logical deduction of any person familiar with the “New World Order” agenda. In fact, the claim that the United States has triggered the creation of European Union because a union was easier to control and manage than each European country separately. Interesting, isn’t it?

After the referendum, of course, Obama suddenly backtracks on his ultimatum and states that separation is really not that big of a deal, so there’s no reason why the U.S.-UK trade agreement would not be made in its due time, but after the one with EU. What this tells me is that he is eager to soften the blow to global economy that Brexit made just in the past week. With total globalization agenda as a goal of all Obama’s policies, his rush warning about consequences to the referendum looks more like an ultimatum given to a partner in crime “to behave or else…” Although I feel very pessimistic about the future of American economy, I do think that bullying other nations into compliance with the One World agenda is a desperate attempt to prevent a Karmic boomerang from striking back.

If we look into the rise and demise of the Roman Empire, or how the Ottoman Turks decimated the Byzantine Empire, with their own Ottoman Empire to follow the demise, strong Karmic connections could be seen: land conquered by force does not remain under your rule forever. The second point that can be derived from history: what you do to others, will be done to you. Just look at what happened to the Soviet Union: it was created by Lenin on the broken pieces of the Russian Empire, and then it disintegrated into those pieces that now call themselves as independent countries. With EU, however, the desire to include both strong and weaker countries economically in a desire to create a strong front all the way to the borders of Russian Federation has backfired big time because strong economies got weaker and had to bail out countries with economies that couldn’t withstand the competition created by the free trade agreements across the EU, and whose economy and infrastructure was clearly ruined by this union. U.S. will await the same fate with the free trade agreements between the U.S. and the rest of the world that first Bill Clinton, and now Barack Obama, imposed on us. Chances are that Hillary Clinton will continue in the footsteps of her husband and her big supporter Obama and will make sure that our country’s workforce will be regarded no better than a cheap substitute from overseas. We already have seen it happening with our manufacturing and IT jobs. With the rise of unemployed all over America, the U.S. is bound to fall apart even without Karmic retribution. Therefore, a vote made by U.K. to leave the EU may not only fragment EU and UK itself, but it may as well be just the first card in our common economic house that will tumble down if the greed of our leaders and corporations will not be stopped by the life-saving decisions of the masses to do what’s best for each nation and for each country, economically and otherwise. For the Americans, those decisions include a thorough look at the policies and promises made by Donald Trump and Green Party’s Presidential candidate Jill Stein.



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