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Brexit: Could teenagers have changed the result?

Updated on December 28, 2016

The Result

As the world watched the violent referendum come to a conclusion, many were still undecided. The media and the not so trustworthy politicians hadn't given a clear indication of what an exit of the EU would mean for the UK. Although, many turned a blind eye to the 'experts' that Mr. Gove had gotten 'sick of', and voted to leave. After this worrying result, hundreds were already regretting their vote to leave, due to Nigel Farage's uncertainty on where the 'extra' £350 million would end up and maybe coming to realise what they were told were pure lies. But it was too late. Democracy had spoken. Having wanted to remain in the EU, I certainly don't agree with what many wanted - a second referendum; it goes against what the UK as a nation stands for - freedom of speech.

Boris Johnson - Vote Leave
Boris Johnson - Vote Leave | Source

Should teens even be allowed to vote?

It's a question that has been debated throughout the years, and nothing has really changed. A few youth political groups here and there, but when it comes to putting pencil to ballot paper, the 'non-adults' are segregated from the rest.

From personal experience, I believe many teenagers votes would be more accepted than some of the eligible to vote. With a lack of education and sheer intolerance, the overall racist British public are a waste of votes in my opinion and there are a number of teenagers aged around 15-17 that speak more sense. Although, some would argue that the younger generation aren't capable of understanding the politics involved. But I would say that's not the truth. My generation aren't blind and we are certainly not naive. With social media, we can make a judgment based on what we see. And the positives with Twitter and Facebook are that large news companies aren't always seen, thus making the media an unrelated factor in their judgments.

I can see this issue being still relevant in 10 years time. I can't see anything changing, but I believe there should be.

Do you believe teenagers could have changed the referendum result?

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YouGov poll on day of voting
YouGov poll on day of voting | Source

Young v Old

After the result in Britain, many young persons were soon to react and claim that the older generation had just decided the younger generations future. The poll to the right shows the correlation between age and the way of voting. It is clear that the younger people wanted to remain; after all, it is their future. These findings feed the issue of the voting age being lowered. Maybe with younger people voting more, the result could have been different.

I understand the frustration from the younger generation, as their future life has been determined by the older generation, who won't have to live with the consequences as long. But we have to trust that the result is for the better and our futures won't be stunted. Whatever happens now is down to the politicians. Unfortunately, we cannot change anything, no matter how hard we try. We as a nation have to make this decision work for us and the future generations to be.

Were you Remain or Leave?

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Michael Gove (Left) & Boris Johnson (Right) - Leave Campaign
Michael Gove (Left) & Boris Johnson (Right) - Leave Campaign | Source
David Cameron (Former PM) - Remain Campaign
David Cameron (Former PM) - Remain Campaign | Source


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