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Brexiteers Plan to Sink Brexit Motion.

Updated on February 14, 2019

Prime Minister May.

May at Podium.
May at Podium. | Source

Oh dear, those naughty hardline Brexiteers are out for sinking another Brexit motion they cannot support.

Leading the charge no doubt will be Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and others. This motion was passed a while ago, and, it appeared all were in agreement with it at the time. This motion has to do with the 'Backstop' and leaving with a deal or without one, in regard, to how the UK leaves the EU.

Brexiteers would rather, it would appear, leave the European Union on 29 March, than have Brexit delayed beyond the above date. The modus operandi of the Brexiteers is to leave the EU, lock, stock and barrel, leaving totally with no deal in place.

By doing this the Brexiteers who many accuse of being far right would be honouring the vote of leavers. 52% wanted to leave the EU as opposed to remainers (called remoaners) who got 48% of the vote back in 2016. Of course, with the referendum there was not much in the vote, however, the leavers carried the day. Since then the government under Theresa May (a remainer herself) has been negotiating with the EU on how best to leave. There have been all manner of terms, since the vote like 'hard Brexit', 'soft Brexit, hard border, soft border to do with the border between Northern Ireland (part of the UK) and the Irish Republic, etc. While many of the public understand these terms, there are just as many who are equally confused.

Theresa May's deal with the EU about leaving the trading block, was thrown out of parliament before Christmas. So she has had to toddle off back to the EU, to see if she could renegotiate the deal, however, the EU said a firm 'NO'. Subsequently, the EU has said there may be wiggle room on some aspects of May's deal, however, as far as they are concerned, the basic tenets of the deal, remain the same.

The clock is ticking towards 29 March, when the UK must leave the EU (unless it is delayed). Somehow, May must convince again, MP's, on all sides to support her deal (perhaps with different caveats), however, whether this will happen is another matter. Labour and Conservatives, have been meeting for talks, to see if they can come to some arrangement to back May's deal, however, nothing like an agreement has happened yet.

Many have accused May of stalling or running the clock down, pretending everything is okay when her deal is in trouble. It may be as a remainer, by stalling, she hopes she can get an extension beyond the 29 March, after the official leaving date. However, this is only speculation, one cannot really second guess anyone, let alone the Prime Minister, she and she alone knows her own mind.

Meanwhile, the ruckus that is Brexit drags on and on.

Donald Tusk and Hell.

Recently, at a press conference at the EU, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and EU official, Donald Tusk held a press conference. Nothing odd about that you might think, however, this was anything but, plain sailing!

Donald Tusk launched a tirade against Brexiteers, whom he accused of making Brexit happen, without a well thought out deal. He said these Brexiteers should have a special place in hell for their idiotic deception and the disaster it will bring, in his own words, on the UK.

Perhaps Mr Tusk could have been more diplomatic perhaps, with his words, however, the point was made and many agreed with him.

Of course, the reaction in the UK was swift, the UK government condemned Tusk's words as did much of the media did. As for the Irish Premier, Leo Veradkar stood there perhaps somewhat non-plussed by the hard tone taken by Mr Tusk. Whether he knew Mr Tusk was going to deliver such harsh words is hard to say, however, as both left their podiums, Mr Veradkar was heard to say to Mr Tusk, that the British press would have a field day over his words, and, so it turned out.


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