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Alternative Energy Policy

Updated on May 30, 2014
Alternative Energy
Alternative Energy | Source

There have been many talks over the years over a policy that will try to make this country better and more efficient, energy wise. Yet, It has taken a while for this to occur. We have been addicted to using the cheaper ways in order to produce energy such as using fossil fuels and oil. Since 1970 the amount of barrels of oil we used went up from 15 to 20 percent.

The Obama administration has had an act out called the Recovery Act since February 13, 2009. What this act does is that it basically covers a wide range of problems such as the economy. What this also includes is the section of energy recovery, which talks about not relying on foreign oil and fossil fuels since it will cause us greater harm than good. This act was supposed to create a lot more jobs in order to boost the economy and give more people jobs in creating a better environment. Relating to this act was the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which put more than eighty billion dollars towards the building of alternative energy products such as the advancement of vehicle and fuel technologies.

Those are just a few things that the Obama administration set out to achieve with those acts. But, today there are many people that feel that there still needs to be more of a bigger push towards alternative energy. With the talks of new energy policies there is always one side that shows how not only will it benefit the environment but, also our economy. There is an investment to be made though because of the cost of some of these alternatives. For example the cost of producing a battery-powered car is much higher than producing one on regular gas. With this cost problem some believe that around this time we shouldn’t be focusing too much on alternative energy because of how there are other conflicts happening right now such as the war. Others for the energy policy do believe that by making an investment today or as soon as possible; will help the process of taking us out of a bad economy by creating new jobs. Also it brings a clean environment and protection from climate change, which in return will save us from dramatic changes on Earth.

Most Americans worries on energy will be discussed in the Energy Innovation 2010, which will be held in Washington D.C. in mid December. Many good ideas should be come up with during this full day meeting and it should bring a closer look on what the country needs to do in order to achieve its goal of creating an improved policy to take care of the alternative energy concerns. During these meetings there will be discussions of several different ways on which alternative energies shall be used. There will be two main sides during these meetings that will play a huge part in what is planned at the end of the day. The Democrats will play a big part where they believe that there needs to be more independence on our part from oil ever since accidents like the BP oil spill. And they will push and invest in having a better system of alternative energies because they want it to benefit not only the environment but also the nation as a whole. Republicans feel basically the same as the Democrats on the matter of energy where they support everything about it except for the cap and trade legislation, which would put a national energy tax on Americans.

Alternative energy is a wide range of technologies that require nature as its energy source. A good example of this is solar panels that need the sun in order to absorb its energy and produce electricity. The five main alternative energies that you would hear about the most during talks of new energy policies would have to include Biomass Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, and Hydroelectric Energy. Biomass has to do with stored energy that can be found in organic matter because of photosynthesis. Wind energy uses windmills to move and generate electricity, which this method has been used for over a hundred years. Solar is one of the most common energy types you would hear about where is uses the suns light to convert it into electricity. Geothermal is energy that is taken using the heat inside of the Earth, such as in the form of molten magma. Lastly, there is hydroelectric that uses water to power it self into creating energy. Near dams you would see many of this form of energy since there is a lot of water.


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