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Bring Back Our Girls- The Lost Cause

Updated on November 30, 2014
This Issue can't go as a lost cause!
This Issue can't go as a lost cause! | Source

Bring Back Our Girls- The Lost Cause

It's been 230 days since the tragic incident happened. Members of Boko Haram, a terrorist organisation kidnapped 276 Nigerian school girls from a boarding school in the north-eastern town of Chibok. 57 girls had managed to escape, but 219 girls are still held captive by the ruthless terrorists.

The kidnapping triggered a major outburst all around the world and thanks to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter , the news spread like wildfire. A hash-tag campaign which goes by the name #Bring Back Our Girls was started on Twitter and became a huge success. The campaign spread to other social media websites and millions of people across the globe joined hands and raised their support, celebrities included.

Social heavyweights such as Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, British Prime Minister David Cameron and celebrities such as Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Justin Timberlake, Ben Stiller and many more showered their support by posting photos of them holding the #Bring Back Our Girls Sign.

'Long ago the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked' All those Avatar: The Last Air bender geeks out there will get it. The way the campaign spread day after day after day, it seemed as if the girls will be back in no time. But. There is always a but, isn't it? But as days passed the once vigorous campaign started losing its popularity. At this time, another major incident shook the world and yet another campaign was created. It goes by the name #Prayforgaza. It too lost its attention after a few days. But we'll see about that later on my next episode of H-U-B (Hope it sounded like the voice from Dragon Ball Z).

It's quite ironic. I am discussing a serious issue which concerns the life of 219 school girls and the fate of their families and yet I quote from Avatar and Dragon Ball Z. Makes me a cold person ain't it? I'd like the reader to understand that people only address issues they find interesting.

When the Bring Back Our Girls campaign went viral, everyone changed their profile pictures and timeline covers (Including me) in support of the campaign. But once the interest in the issue had subsided, people went back to their normal usual lives not caring that the issue is not yet over. The same thing happened with the Pray for Gaza Campaign. People don't really care, they just want to show the world that they do. I felt that if I addressed this issue in a serious nature like everyone else, no one will even glance at my side. If you are a very good natured reader, I apologize.

Today, on the 230th day since the tragedy I write with a glimmer of faith that the reader tries to reignite the flame of hope by doing his/her part. So what's your part? Just share the information (Not essentially through my hub. I am not the one to ask "Share my page", but do share the info. There are a lot more pages and websites out there which has a more detailed knowledge of the event. As long as my cause succeed, I don't care even if only one person reads my hub, but still manages to create awareness. I write to create a change. Money is secondary.) Talk about it with your friends when you have nothing else to do. Urge them to do the same. Be the seed that will create a tree with many branches. These girls need to be rescued. This issue must not be left as a lost cause.

The governments which offered to help had not kept their word. What will they do when the Nigerian Government bans the movement marking it a threat to security? What's more insulting is the leader Abubakar Shekau of Boko Haram making a total joke of the campaign.It is understandable that the government won't trade terrorists to bring back the girls, but abandoning them just like that? No way! Boko Haram still continues to cause mayhem. They have burnt churches, killed thousands of people and kidnapped 30 more girls not so far from the previous place. All this happened after the kidnapping incident! No wonder they make fun of the people and the government.

'But I believe Aang can save this world' I am sure there's an Aang in everyone itching to save the world. Well this might not be a platform to develop your fire-bending or air-bending skills, but you can be a hero. If not a hero, then at least a righteous human being. Please re-awaken this issue. Think of the girls as your sisters. Deep down, we all know that our life is not the way it was meant to be. Then why don't we rise against that to create our own way? The way it was really meant to be!

Let a beautiful dawn break,

From your actions and words,

It is really about time,

To bring back our girls!

~Crown Chakra


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