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Britain Taken Its Eye Off The Ball.

Updated on January 1, 2016

Illustrative Images.

Map Of Libya.
Map Of Libya. | Source
Flag Of Libya Post Gaddafi.
Flag Of Libya Post Gaddafi. | Source
Nikolas Sarkozy Former President of France.
Nikolas Sarkozy Former President of France. | Source
David Cameron.
David Cameron. | Source
Barack Obama.
Barack Obama. | Source
Former Dictator Of Libya: Colonel Gaddafi.
Former Dictator Of Libya: Colonel Gaddafi. | Source

Islamic State And Other Jihadi Groups Feathering Their Nests In Libya.

When the US, French, British intervened on the side of the rebels in Libya to help overthrow Colonel Gaddafi and that event of overthrowing said dictator happened leaving a new government in power in Tripoli it seems the West as it always does walked away from a country that would later like Iraq and Afghanistan enter into turmoil.

For a little while it seemed the overthrow of Gaddafi would spell freedom and democracy for Libya - well big mistake, the former militias who had been fighting Gaddafi now turned their guns on the shaky government in Tripoli and themselves.

People like Obama, Cameron and Sakozy were not going to get bogged down again in a countries internal affairs even though they had just overthrown the ruler of that nation. They have been quite content since their intervention in Libya it seems to sit back and let things take their course there.

Sometime ago an American General Colin Powell said when speaking of the first Iraq conflict "When you break something you own it" in other words once your involved in something see it through and this has been the case in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya where it seems the West has been involved in overthrowing the governments of these countries but not being serious about nation building and just walking away (although efforts have been made by UK and US to train the Afghan and Iraqi military it seems it was not good enough). The West though has had to return to Iraq to fight Islamic State and Afghanistan with a resurgent Taliban and it seems at least according to the speculation of Sky's Foreign Affairs person Sam Kiley will be the same with Libya.

He says that British foreign policy over the Middle East is muddled and that the UK has taken its eye off the ball when its comes to Libya. The UK he goes on is seen as being on the retreat from the world stage as Cameron had to get the vote of Parliament recently even to send a small detachment of RAF fighters to bomb Islamic State in Syria instead of just forging ahead and using his power as Prime Minister to do so.

With groups like Islamic State and other Jihadi groups controlling areas of Libya defying the government in Tripoli is it just a matter of time before Jihadis head our way from Libya (if they have not already done so) to cause more mischief and mayhem in Europe?

Sam Kiley says finally 2016 maybe the year in which the West UK included has to return to Libya and hit Islamic State and other Jihadi groups there before they hit us.


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