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Britain and France Face the Deadly Asian Giant Hornet

Updated on June 8, 2014

At first, you read in disbelief- must be a joke. Nope. It gets worse, The Asian Giant Hornet is huge for an insect. It is deadly. It can consume 50 honey bees in one hour and fly at 25 mph. It is native to China but like the aggressive honey bee encroaching parts of America, the giant hornet is migrating because of climate change into Europe.

Its not a laughing matter. In China, in just the past three months, 21 people have been killed by the hornets sting causing shock. Their single stinger is like being stung by 50 bees simultaneously. The average size if over two inches in length. Experts think because of warmer temps caused by global warming, these insects fertility has also increased. The insects can randomly attack. The hornets attacked a schoolroom in China with 23 kids in it. One dead person had over 200 stings and suffered from renal failure. The hornets you stumble upon will spray you, marking you as and intruder and a threat. Because you are marked hostile they attack in swarms, Eyewitnesses state that if you run, they simply chase and flying at 25 mph, a human is easy prey. Thirty of these hornets can kill 30,000 honey bees in one hour.

France experienced its first taste of the migrating insect when four people died from their lethal stings that survivors state feels like a "hot nail" penetrating your skin. In Hong Kong, 1500 people have had to go to the hospital from the stings and their reaction to it. Some people suffer a heart attack, some 42 died from the attacks. The giant hornets are attracted to human sweat, alcohol and sweet flavors and smells.

These hornets are found throughout East and Southeast Asia, in countries such as in China, Korea, Japan, India and Nepal. They are just arriving in France and a few in Britain. The first one was also discovered in the state of Illinois, USA. China spends millions of dollars battling the insect every year and Britain has just allocated a special eradication force to deal with the insect since the discovery.

Experts state that a person who has been stung 10 times, should seek help, if more than 30 times, go to the emergency room for the toxins in the sting affect the neuro system and even those not allergic to bee stings could die.


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