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British Schools Face Islamic Trojan Horse

Updated on July 26, 2014
Two British jihadists with ISIS in Syria.
Two British jihadists with ISIS in Syria.

The great fear the West has is the many Islamic extremists that have gone to fight the war in Syria with ISIS or other radical groups and then go back home to carry on the jihad. In the case of Britain, up to 500 British Muslims have gone to Syria to fight and now many are returning home. Some may not be radicalized while others are.

Scotland Yard has gone undercover to discover an Islamic trojan horse inside many of the public schools located in Birmingham, a city of one million. Individuals taken into custody tell them of Operation Trojan Horse, in which, teachers in the schools who are sympathetic or are Muslim teach intolerance for many Western cultural items, such as, dress, homosexuality, American, British and anything considered to be Western. All this is an effort by Muslim extremists to plant seeds of anti-Western development. Britain will now introduce the mandatory teaching of “British values” in schools for the first time after the discovery of an Islamic plot to infiltrate the public education system. Six schools in Birmingham were indicted for teaching of extreme Islamic values. In one school, kids were taught that "white women" are all prostitutes.Christmas and Easter were banned.Classrooms were segregated between boys and girls. Of the 21 schools targeted, some school funds have been used to set up a madrassa and hold annual trips to Saudi Arabia for Muslim only. In another school, the call to prayer is sounded over the public address system. In another school, Arabic was mandatory learning and music was not allowed, but worse, Razwan Faraz, a man convicted of terrorist activities, was a vice principal (he has no teaching credentials). In older grades, students were taught that America was the evil of the world.

Already, there are several places known to be dangerous areas heavily populated by Muslims with strict beliefs. In such areas, women who do not dress accordingly, face insults and worse. British soldiers are also hated, not to mention gays and Jews. A British soldier was stabbed to death when he entered one of these areas. Worse, many British mosques have clerics who praise al-Qaeda to its followers further stoking the flames of hatred and intolerance, yet because there is freedom, they are not arrested for such speech.

This kind of thing could happen in America, where freedom of speech is a right. The use of social media also is used heavily to spread the radical messages of ISIS and other groups seeking to recruit Westerners who can operate legally in their home countries.

The Scotland Yard operation was an eye opener of what may yet to come. There are over 2.5 million Muslims in England, most are decent, but the uncovering of this extremist attempt to sow the seeds of jihad in the public schools has sounded the alarm.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 3 years ago

      Zoya- if you live there, have you experienced this at all in schools?

    • Zoya Jabbar profile image

      Sajal Jabbar 3 years ago

      Very well written. The problem is much bigger than we can imagine. It is the sad reality of Britain that people are born and bred here, but their upbringing involves hatred towards non-Muslims and segregation from British rules and values.