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British troops for Eastern Europe

Updated on July 9, 2016
Map of Eastern Europe.
Map of Eastern Europe. | Source
British troops under fire
British troops under fire | Source
Vlad the Invader
Vlad the Invader | Source
Out going PM David Cameron
Out going PM David Cameron | Source
Outgoing President Barack Obama
Outgoing President Barack Obama | Source
Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel | Source
Francois Hollande
Francois Hollande | Source

When the UK voted to leave the EU even though article 50 has not been enacted yet the question has been asked will the UK leaving the EU affect its relationship with NATO. The answer to this is no and David Cameron has announced at a NATO summit in Warsaw that British troops in line with NATO will be deployed to Eastern Europe.

There will be 150 troops for Poland and 500 troops for Estonia. There will also be 3,000 additional British troops on standby in case they are needed in Germany and also Germany, the US, and Canada are also sending troops.

Merkel, Obama, Hollande and other leaders are there as are EU leaders like Junker and the topic of Russian aggression in line with what Russia is doing in Syria and Ukraine will be at the top of the agenda.

How the Russians will react to this is quite obvious, their not going to be over the moon about it and may regard from their side this deployment of NATO troops as an aggressive act as there is no evidence that the Russians will attack Eastern Europe. Then again it may be possible they have plans to attack Eastern Europe and may see this deployment as foiling their plans and as one Russian minister or spokesperson said there will be an answer that is the beefing up of Russian forces facing their NATO counterparts.

Vlad Putin or Vlad the Invader as I call him is an unpredictable man to guess and has been very savvy in outdoing his Western opponents in moves on the political stage.

With the current Tory leadership going between Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May many have said the UK is leaderless right now well if that is the case how come Cameron is in NATO.

He is leader up until September 9 when his replacement either of the above women will take over and until then Cameron love him or loathe the man is in charge and handling and attending meetings on our behalf and that includes our relationship with NATO which seems as solid as ever.

When Cameron's replacement is in place they will have to concentrate on the issue at hand - Brexit. However they will also be dealing and active taking part in NATO summits and no doubt be ready along with other nations if God forbid Russia should attack.


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