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Broken Immigration

Updated on May 14, 2010

US Immigration History

US Immigration Statistics-1800's
US Immigration Statistics-1800's
US Map of Immigrants
US Map of Immigrants
Immigration Protest
Immigration Protest

State & Federal Law Immigration

State of Denial:

Immigration law, a total confusion, especially when determining who is right or wrong. it seems like nobody is responsible for if or nobody wants to be responsible for.

States claim that the Federal Government is not doing their job in enforcing or fixing the law of the land, consequently, the States have decided that they will take matters on the own hands.

So, what to do? whose job is it anyways? Whom will fix this problem? Why the Federal Government doesn't fix this broken law?

It is plain and simple, the government likes the current system or simply doesn't care about the whole situation. Every time some one pushes for immigration reform, our leaders claim that it a sensitive issue and that there's not enough to discuss it. 

The problem is that, there's never time to it, year after year is the same excuses and, as the time go by, the problem gets worse and more complicated.

When questions are asked to the decision makers in Washington, what do they say? Well, it is election year, you know, it might not be the best time to take over such a sensitive issue.

Election happens every two years, which means that, they will never do anything about it and, because of that, the States are losing their patience and some have began taking matter into their own hands, which is the wisest thing to do.

What is the problem with the State's decision in tracking down the ilegal immigrants?

States should never spend the tax payers' money to deal with legal matters that are well known to be federal responsibility.

States have no legitimacy to do so, it is ilegal and unconstitutional and, besides that, they are not looking to solve the problem, they are turning a critical problem into a totally chaos one.

Take Arizona as an example, the new State law, do you really believe that such a law will solve the State immigration problem? Absolutely no! So, why are they doing it? Simply, for political reasons.

Arizona is turning its back to the poor and defenseless immigrants, people that already are considered under represented in the society, people who live constantly in fear, people who have families to support, people that the only desire is to be granted an opportunity to provide for their families a more dignifying lifestyle, just like all of us. Is that the right thing to do? What America has become? Have we forgot who were our forefathers?

Now, Utah is working on a similar bill that Arizona just turn in law. Is it going to fix the problem? No! So, why do they move forward with such discriminatory and unfair bills? Because of political reasons.

Why nobody do something to stop such absurd and bad intentioned bills? Do we all agree with such inhumane ideas? If we don't agree, why don't we make our voices be heard? Why don't we demand immigration reform once and for all? Don't we deserve a more safe community?

Why no fix the problem stead of making worse?

What I don't understand is why we, the ordinary citizen, allow our so called government leaders to waste our tax payers' money and time to promote bills that are unfair, unlawful and unconstitutional that has as the sole purpose of making the poor and underclass people's life more miserable than already is?

I know that most people will claim that those so called underclass people broken the law by coming to America elligaly and, I don't desagree with that? But, did they really break the law or was our government that did it?

People also, like to blame illegal immigrants for the majority of crimes that happens in their communities across this great nation but, is that really a fact or are we being judging them too quick with baseless claims? I can guarantee that the percentage of immigrants who commit crimes in America is very low when comparing to the other classes.

So, why instead of blaming the immigrants for this or for that, why don't we fix this problem once and for all? Why don't we come with a proactive approach and get things done right? Why do we have to be so critical, so negative, so hateful, so anti-immigrants? Don't we all come from an immigrant families? Are we better than them? Wasn't this country established by immigrants and weren't most of them illegal immigrants in the beginning? So, what's the difference between then and now? Nothing.

So, if States can afford to take time to elaborate punitive laws, why don't they spend the time to create laws that will solve the problem? If they can punish by creating unconstitutional laws, why can't they working on an immigration reform bill that will solve their immigration problem locally?

Why? Because they will say that this a federal matter and they are not allow to do it. So, if the States can't pass an immigration reform bill withing their own boundaries, why can they get away with bills that are only envision to punish, scare and oppress?

Anyways, I will stop here, I would love to hear everybody's comments and opinions, remember, everyone are entitled to their own opinions and views and, here, I decided to express mine, so, please, share your opinion make it be heard by all who to hear it.


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    • profile image

      francisid 6 years ago

      everyone is an immigrant...accept that.

      people are blinded with hate against illegal immigrants.they complain.they trash talk.they do so many stupid things.why don't they just find a way to face every issue and solve every problem?maybe,this is just one of the many problems they don't want get solved!