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Brutal Killing Spree Continues-- Killed for ransom or what

Updated on February 24, 2010

no respite from Taliban brutality

Terror trail continues

They have struck again. This time the suffering community is neither Hindu nor Muslim but Sikh. How sad the state of affairs has become that no one is safe from the scourge of the Taliban, who have been threatening life on earth for quite some time now. About a month ago, the Taliban kidnapped a few Sikhs from  Tira Valley,  Khyber agency, and Darra Adamkheil,  Orakzai agency. They demanded a ransom of 30 million Pakistani rupees, failing which, they beheaded two of their hostages.. and that too brutally. How savage are these men who do not fear any God. I don't think the Quran preaches its followers to kill others for ransom or for any other reason. These so-called followers of the Quran, that is, the Taliban, do not seem to be following the Quran itself.

To them, what matters is self-rule. They are that misguided section of society that has brought humanity on the verge of devastation. The Taliban, in their zeal to destroy humanity, have been carrying on devastating acts for quite some time. No religion or sect is safe from them. As the Taliban are Muslims does not mean that the section of Muslims that does not follow them is safe from their scourge. They can do anything to entertain their will. They can annihiliate anything, no matter how sacred that might be for others.

They are against ultramoddern life; however, they themselves possess everything of this modern world -- be it modern gadgets or guns. Their attire might seem traditional, their mind-set is orthodox. They are against the progress of human civilization. They oppose female education. They destroy girls education institutes so that no girl can rise above in her life and remain confined to her home. In Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province, the Taliban have been threatening humanity. Their activities remain unhindered there. Their dictator-type rule has been choking life in that province. They demand Jaziya, tax, from non-Muslim communities staying there and those who fail to pay are tortured, as in the case of the Sikh community. The Taliban demanded Jaziya from them, which they could not pay; therefore, the Taliban abducted a few Sikhs and after demanding a ransom of 30 million rupees massacred two of them, Jaspal Singh and Mahan Singh. It has been alleged that the Taliban even tried to convert them into Islam, which they rejected, resulting in their brutal massacre. The Sikhs are known to be guardians of their religion. The Sikh gurus have made great sacrifices to save the Hindu as well as Sikh community from the brutal Mughals, who were also on a converting spree, forcing people of other religions to convert to Islam.

It is said that two Sikhs are still in the captivity of the Taliban, who can also be killed in an equally savage manner if the Taliban's so-called demands are not met. For how long will humanity suffer at the hands of these brutes to fight who even the US forces have entered Pakistan and its surrounding areas, particularly Afgahistan. The NATO-led US forces were able to uproot the dictatorial Taliban government from Afghanistan but failed to uproot them from that land, which has resulted in their expansion into Pakistan, which has been long thought to be a safe haven for such antihumanity elements. It is said that they have been trying to implement Shariah rule, under the pretext of its savage rule. Theirs is a rule in which innocents are openly flogged in public while the public watches this brutality as a silent spectator; it is a rule 

It is a rule where people have no rights but to heed to the diktats of these gun-totting savages; it is a rule where there is no place for women in the outside world; it is a rule where the world for women begins and ends within the burqa; it is a rule where no other religion or sect has any place; it is a rule where democracy has been nipped in the bud; it is a rule where there is no respite from the wave of terrorism; it is a rule where one who does not toe the Taliban is humiliated in public, ostracized, and finally, massacred; it is a rule where human genocide is but a trivial issue; it is a rule that declares to be following Allah and the Quran but completely fails to follow the sacred book of Muslims; it is a rule that has brought disgrace to the Holy Quran and Allah's Islam. Islam is a peace-loving religion; I wonder why these brutal savages have humiliated and dishonored their sacred religion?


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    • profile image

      Proud_Indian 5 years ago

      You know nothing Sir,

      Talibans are followers of Quran. See Quran 9:5

      Slay the pagans wherever you find them

      Quran 2:244

      Fight for the cause of Allah

      Quran 2:256

      Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you.

      Quran 3:56

      NON Muslims will be terrified

      Quran 3:151

      Terror will be cast into minds of NON Muslims.

      Quran 4:89

      NON Muslims are never friends of Muslims.

      Quran 4:95

      Not equal are those who sit and donot fight AND those who fight and defeat NON Muslims. Allah supports second one

      Quran 5:33

      The only punishment for NON Muslims are that they should be dealt with how corrupters in land are dealt with. They should be murdered.

      Quran 8:12

      Allah terrorizes the infidels. Kill them and strike their fingertips

      Quran 9:111

      Allah has purchased life from Muslims. You either kill others OR get killed.