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Buffalo NY My City

Updated on August 9, 2013

Ambulance Service Availability in Buffalo NY

I was reading in the BN an article by Luke Hammill speaking to Jay Smith of RM Ambulance about the struggles RM were having with responding to EMS calls in Buffalo NY, and Jay Smiths comments didn't reflect on how RM was actively seeking positive, progressive, solutions. His explanation is as follows; and I quote "Emergency Responders have contacted the BN to complain that Ambulances sometimes cannot respond to True Emergencies because they are to often picking up FREQUENT FLYERS, or people who repeatedly call 911 for non-Emergencies and often don't have to pay for the service they get". First off, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, it's immoral, unethical, and just Wrong! Rural Metro your only job is to have enough Ambulances to handle the Call's period. It's not up to you sitting behind your desks trying to intellectualize peoples Need's.

(from the BN) Rural Metro has 12 locations where Ambulances are posted in the City, and some of these Ambulances are often responding to other Call's. Rural Metro also covers many suburban area's; officials said the Company posts about 50 Ambulances system wide every day.

the Buffalo Fire Department is called as well, and are trained as EMT's, often beat the Ambulance to the scene because the Departments 19 Fire Houses are usually closer.

This statement reinforces my thinking put more feet in the street, more wheels on the ground, or start packing your bag's and go back home, we don't need you we have it covered.

Your Honorable Mayor Brown are you Ready? County Executive Mark Polincars what can you bring to the table, the Infrastructure is there, the people are there, is your Leadership there.

Over crowding in the ER

Ambulances are stacked up eight deep as they wait for space to become available at area Emergency rooms Smith said, and clearing a patient can sometimes take 90 minutes or more. It's not a criticism of the hospitals directly Smith said; they do work with us to try to figure out ways to make it quick.Really? Seriously folks that problem has existed throughout EMS history but I must say it has gotten much worse and the only ones that have any effect on this situation lives in the status of; theirs nothing wrong if nobody die's. Well People are Dying Needlessly.

Now is the time of Effort, Cooperation, and Ethical, Moral approach to this issue, not Politics

EMS Buffalo NY


Jay Downey Director of Training: Posted on Friday, August 02, 2013 9:29 AM Coming to a City, Town, and Village near you "No Ambulance Available", "Mechanical Failure", "Short Crews", "Call Sifting", "Over filtering of 911 calls" to accommodate a Poor Business Model, and a lacking of a progressive development of adequate Service Profile to Support this area the Right way. Darn it! what is going on here, we have the Smartest people you can have right here doing the best they can in Government levels, and Private Leadership Levels in this City that's all wrapped up in the B.S. that has been Eroding the Emergency Medical Services in this area since 1994, and the Hero's of EMS the ones whom have been plodding through this mess to the best of their abilities have their hands tied by the Political commitments, the Guaranties of exclusivity, that has led to these issues. Really folks We need to be MAD Really MAD that it has gotten to this, and what does the City do? well we'll give Rural Metro an Extension till the End of the year. Seriously EMS Leadership get up off your best intentions and Commit to the Future, Municipal Emergency Medical Response PLEASE!

To the People who read this Blog this is a call to Wake up Don't smell the roses, take a minute to prepare you and your Family, Friends and Neighbor's be Trained to be Able to Maintain a Persons Medical problems and be knowledgeable in First Aid Care to what ever Level your Willing to go.

Ambulance Availability


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    • jaydow59 profile image

      Jay Downey 4 years ago from Riverside Buffalo New York

      Hey Folks here is the place for us to come together and help Our City Figure out The Path we as a Citizenry need to take to satisfy the Emergency Transport System. As it is, we are encroaching an area of dissolution of our Emergency System it's been decades since we have had a reliable EMS Transport System.

      We NEED TO Stimulate conversation Now to avoid consequences that could otherwise be avoided.

      LETS TALK!!!