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Bully Conduct 2 - School

Updated on November 13, 2011

My first hub about bullies was to illustrate what kinds I believe there were. This hub will be about school conflict. In my opinion this one is very serious. Although, I believe that all bullying is bad bullying at school can lead to a lot of traumatic childhood experiences. These experiences can last for lifetimes depending on the situation and extent. This is an important topic for me, because I was both bullied and a bully. I was taunted in school by bullies, but one day I decided to switch my train of thought. I become mental - aggressive. I was far from a fighter, but I could hurt people verbally and sometimes that was more than enough. Some bullies learn after a while what they have done, others do not.

I learned shortly after school, exactly what I was doing to people. I thought I was just messing with other kids, just joking. This was a strong realization for me, I was not hurting or abusing people like those bullies were, I was the bully. It didn't seem to hurt anyone, but I can tell you the same things that happened to me hurt. See, It not a messed family situation or some emotional problem, I just wanted to not be the one picked on, that is it.

Bullies in school have become a part of life for most, this should not be the case. Most bullies will go for a weakness, glasses, weight, intelligence ect. The easiest way to deal, is usually to hide. For those lucky enough to win a fight with a bully..good. I may not have the best advice according to the school system, but standing up for yourself is a must. A bully of any type will walk on you, you need to stand up. There are many ways you can do this..

Tell an adult -

To me this is the only reasonable option. It may get you a couple of days relief if they get sent home, or even expelled if you have evidence. There are some issues with this you should know about, for instance, the backlash. The chances are the bully has friends, and you do not know all of them, I promise you that you do not. They may come after you for it, they might not, but they will know that you are willing to get someone involved. That maybe what you need.

Stand up - If you are in immediate danger and you cannot get to help, you have to act. If you cannot fight, learn it will be more worth it that you think. There are plenty of ways to learn, the internet, classmates that already know how, or educational books, anything will do. Learn as much as you can, if you know someone who is also bullied you may have just found someone to train with. For most people reading this, fighting is not the answer. For everyone who has dealt with a real bully, you know sometimes it is. Every source is not correct, it would be best to learn from a professional, but still learn. Now this is important, I do not recommend learning to really hurt someone, enough to put them down is good. I do not want you to put these bullies in the hospital, but hey if you have to.

Run - If you run away, you will always run, if you hide you will always hide. If you must hide or run do it that once, then learn to fight, or tell an adult.

TALK TO HIM - Just try it. I do not mean walk up to him and say stop, but you could. Actually get to know them, as crazy as it is, they may need someone to talk to as well. That is where I found my place, just a talk. I made friends with the biggest bully in the school, I found common ground and I went for it. This took more guts than anytime I have tried to fight a bully. It seems crazy in the mind of a child or teen, but it could be a world of difference for you.

If this is not helpful to you then I am sorry. This is something that no one should have to go through, and this situation will not be taken lightly. There are programs set up in schools to try to help with anti-bullying policies, this may not work. If you need to talk there are hotlines and internet sites dedicated to helping. Bullies stay around, because some people are mean, confused and alone. You are the future, as well as them. It is important for everyone to step up against this kind of behavior. If you can help someone else, then do not hesitate. Get in the fight or get help, but do something.


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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Excellent hub. I totally concur with you a milnillion percent.