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Bullying and What Can be Done About It

Updated on October 23, 2010

Stop this From Happening

Stop Bullying and Save a Life

Bullying has been always a part of growing up but it seems only now that iit is being recognized as a serious problem in our schools. Surely parents and relatives cannot always be there to fight their child's battles but this problem seems to have gotten out of proportion with today's technology. First of all let's recognize bulllying as just what it is which is choosing a reason to harass others for one reason or another. It has nothing necessarily to do with being gay. Kids have been bullied because of race, nationallity, religion, look, jealiousy and any number of reasons.  As grownups we must put our own eagos aside to deal honestly with this problem. Just because your son or daughter runs from a fight does not make him or her weak minded or a coward. Many people have grown up to do well because, lets's face it, bullying is a part of growing up. With the use of texting, social networks and email bullying has been brought to a new level. Continuious hounding through these media can grind a person to a mental breakdown. Therefore it is also the responsibility of providers of this technology to also work to find a solution as their families are also being also affected. Parents and gardians it also starts with you to make a difference. Take control of the situation. Limit your kid's time on the internet, watch what they are doing on the internet, if you can proove that they are sending bullying texts have their texting blocked. Limit the amout of time they can use their cell phones, and sit down and have a serious chat with them placing ground rules that are to be followed. Teachers, guidence councelors, principals, and other officials such as local police and sheriff's departments need to meet on a regular basis to assess and evaluate the situation. Students should also be allowed to participate in coming up with a constructive way as they are the main one's being affected. Adults especially need to be careful in how they speak as they are being watched as role models. Public gay bashing for instance needs to be stopped. Churches need to be careful as to treat everyone equally and watch what is being preached and taught in the Sunday Schools. Jesus, if that is whoem you follow, had some things to say about judging others and never harshly condemned or spoke badly of sinners of whoem he met. Maybe you should be careful of the stones that you throw. Also keep in mind that inapropriate conduct has nothing to do with who you are or sexual preference. Immoral conduct is wrong. We are dealing with our future leaders, soldiers, public safety officers, judicial and law enforcement officers. These are the children that will shape our future. If you are an elderly retired person or just an elderly person or a person in need of specialized care for any reason or who wants to reserve the practice of equal law in a free country then you had better consider what needs to be done now to preserve and protect you and the ones that you care about in an ever restless and rebelious society. What you say and do now can have an effect on even how foreign policy and how freedom is preserved abroad. Misdirected attitudes formed in life could very well affect nogociating and shaping of treaties and foreigh policies and even affect how other peoples see our nation. Think about it. If this is as serious as it seems and it appears to be, we need to do something about it. Take this for axample, people being bullied through the use of media can then use the media to damage others. Bulid a better future now. Some of the brightest minds could be lost in more ways than one if we don't.


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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 7 years ago from America

      Bullying is easy to stop, teach children compassion for others, and threaten them with spanking if they bully others!.......I see parents especially men who want their kids tough! I will not be bullied even at my age of 46, If someone bullies me they will pay, I hate bullies and will never allow it! I may even go as far as putting a bullet into someone who thinks they will infringe on my rights as a human being or take away my joy of life! My next idea is to start children at a young age in karate or classes that teach them to defend themselves. Bullys deserve the worst and once they get it, they may stop.