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Bullying, is this what we want?

Updated on October 27, 2010

A change is needed

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and my brother in law has been a high school English teacher in a smaller community south of me for over thirty years. I have always been proud of him for such a noble profession. I know he is a very good teacher and cares for the students in school. What scares me most is that he will be retiring in the next few years. The caliber of teachers today scare me. Not the grade school level but junior high and beyond. I graduated in 1970 and hindsight and memories are almost always 20/20. Still I don't remember hearing about or experiencing the bullying that appears to run rampant in today's schools. It seemed there was always a teacher or other official present to nip it in the bud. I watched a principle on the news tonight. The school, Hamilton Southeastern had just had a young man commit suicide after being bullied relentlessly. This young man had tried it once before and his parents could not get the school to step in. when asked about it the principle just smirked and said “ There are different levels of bullying and we have to check into it.” Carmel-Clay district had an incident before school ended for the summer break. On a sport bus returning from an out of town game a group of male students raped another male student on the bus repeatedly while the coaches sat just ten feet away in the front of the bus. They had done this same thing to another boy earlier in the locker room. Both of these school districts are in an area north of Indianapolis where the more affluent families live. These are students that are being groomed for political office or to become captains of industry. Are these the people we want in those positions. What is going on in their homes and even more how can the teachers and coaches let this happen? Are teachers and school officials getting paid to look the other way, or are they afraid of losing school donors if they curtail little Johnny for being a rapist or bully? I know there are still many good teachers who care and I thank God they are there. Still after state law has already been passed to make schools put into effect rules to stop and punish the offenders does this still go on. I want to shout out how many students lives does it take to get screwed up or die until we as a country of great things stop this. We grew up better than this.


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    • alzel127 profile image

      Alex Zelahy 7 years ago from Indiana

      I agree with you becasue I have been bullied since first grade. I feel so sorry that kids are being bullied becasue no one is there for them. I think that the schools should do more to prevent bullying in the schools. Here is mom and dad's e-mail:

      Love you more than anything,