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Burhan and Kashmir

Updated on August 3, 2016
killed in an encounter
killed in an encounter

It takes seconds for the earthquake to decimate the population and change the landscape, but how long does it take to create one and wreck havoc..... decades if not centuries.

Such is the story of the Independence movement that has ravaged the innocence of the Kashmir valley. In the latest clashes(read intifada) more then 40 people have died with more then 3000 injured with many crippled for life.

Looking at the cause of the unrest and the civil uprising in the valley with out the help of caption hindsight, one will most likely feel as if the whole situation is the product of collective illogical and irrational human behavior of the Kashmiri natives supporting a supposed terrorist who kills army and police at whim.

However as with all the things in the world its not just that simple. Burhan may have become the voice of the anger and a face to resistance but he was never the reason. The reason is the alienation and handling of the Kashmiri situation as a mere security issue rather then political one.

Up till the faithful nineties the attackers have been militants sent from across the borders. They had no relations with the Kashmirs living there and were nothing more then the mask with false names ,false identities disconnected with the masses. Their killing brought no spur, no sense of relation, no sense of connection. They were just names and Shadow that faded with time.

but Burhan Wani yeah, he was a different case for he was a person who stood against the state, against the humiliation that was directed at him. His bravery became a source of inspiration for hundreds of thousands and for the first time ever, the Indian military has to face what is effectively an "indigenous resistance movement ".

His story is a legend in Tral and adjoining districts of Kashmir. According to his father the personnel asked the boys to fetch cigarettes for them, and when they returned, the SOG men and the paramilitary personnel with them beat them up badly. Khalid fell unconscious but Burhan managed to free himself. Running away from the spot, he reportedly vowed, “I will take revenge for this.”

And revenge he took by leaving his studies, moving in the mountains training with Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and become a local hero for all the people who felt betrayed by the Indian state.

His outreach with the Kashmiri youth through Facebook was outstanding ,his stories of resistance were nothing less then trance for those who grew up living in oppressed environment and it served as a staircase to the cause higher then protecting their lives. It was protecting their "honor".

One must ask why was it that a simple terrorist that died resisting Indian state had more then 200000 people attending his final rituals?why is it that the locals are becoming a wall in the "hail of bullets and pellets", resisting authorities and going blind in the hope of seeing something that many indians would argue is not possible "AZADI"?

The recent insecurities stem from the fact that BJP has taken a stance on the abrogation of the Article 370 that gives Kashmir its special status even if going through with that is not possible at the moment. The Parties that the Kashmiri people voted for such as PDP is now in alliance with the BJP and that is seen as something that is unholy.

Regardless of the situation and the reasons, the fact remains that the prism that the Indian security establishment is looking at the Kashmir issue is not something that is dynamic. Establishment is merely looking at this issue from a security point of view and not a political point of view.Instead of addressing the grievances of Kashmiri natives,brutal state machinery is being used and the voice that was risen is being silenced without success.

How long would it continue i don't know, but this i do know this ,unless the state change the very foundation on which Kashmir issue stands things would remain bloody ,the anger would keep on rising,blood would keep on gushing and the chants of Azadi would keep on rising.


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