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Bus Ride Fight Brings out Hidden Racism

Updated on August 28, 2011

Tired of Racism being the factor on everything negative on all sides

A normal school bus ride ends in a beating of one student among his peers as he sits quietly against the window. Not sure if words are said, but from the video it does appear that the kids on the bus are boosting the fight up and cheering the guys on for beating up this boy whom looks helpless as he doesn’t fight back. Some of the expressions of the kids on the bus are in shock of this brutal beat down, and some are laughing and boasting the fight on. I am totally all for these kids getting punished to the full extent, my views have not changed about that and nor do I condone at all what these boys did because if it was my child I would be raising hell. But I have looked at this differently considering that I have read different stories about this beat down on the bus and only have this to say. This was not a “racial hate crime” this was a fight due to built up anger and bullying emotions that happens EVERYDAY on the bus or while in school. The Belleville police department labeled the fight to be racially motivated and later recanted by a spokesperson who claimed that the initial argument of it being racially motivated was due to personal and emotional feelings towards the fight.

This entire incident on several different blogs and articles mentions our President, Obama. Why? Kids have been getting beat up way before this incident and now all of a sudden it’s such a major issue. We want to bring up other issues to heat this incident up even more by attacking other persons who we know of that go running every time there’s imposed injustice against blacks and or minority rights such as some of the popular radio shows here in Jacksonville Florida. As I listened to their commentary the morning of September 16 2009, it wasn’t a shocker to me how the show handled the story with the mockery of stating “Hey where’s Al Sharpton and or Jesse Jackson?” This was not just stated because of this incident and that the victim happened to be a seventeen year old white boy getting beat by two black boys fourteen and fifteen years of age on a bus. This was to make it known that people have ill feelings towards the fact that there are African American leaders within our communities-the minority communities that has formed alliances and support for minorities. This support that race minorities and gays have only came about due to the ignorance that we face as minorities and who else was going to stand up for us! What took place on this bus HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! People WAKE UP, it happened when I was in school, I saw it happen to other kids and it could have been a race mixture of boys and girls, a group of one race of boys and girls but the start of it was the same it wasn’t about RACE it was about being weaker than the rest of your peers and that weakness seeped out like the smell of perfume on a senior citizen at Piccadilly’s. It was horrible what these kids did, should they be tried as adults like some are suggesting, hell no in that case can I go back and file charges against the persons responsible for my ass whippings-considering there are no statutory limit on crimes etc… These kids should be held accountable for their actions as kids fighting, they should be suspended and if the victim and his parents wish to take it to court then so be it, but if we charge them as adults than every fight that is held at school and or on a bus should be processed in the same manner whether they be fourteen and fifteen years of age or eleven and twelve years of age, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian and or Black. There were no signs of this fight being anything other than a bunch of fools not thugs wanting to start a fight; I want to hear the facts on this incident being anything other than that.

It seems that sarcasm and mockery has played its hand as people who are angered by this incident begin to talk about the issues related to the hatred and discrimination against blacks where activist like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson has stood up for equal rights and injustice. Those cases were injustice instances and it’s a slap in the face to our communities where they are made to be anything less of that. A noose hanging from a tree and threats against someone and calling them niggers and spitting in their face and being locked up and treated like a dog, yes these are RACIST acts! A fight is a damn fight! A beat down will always be just that- a beat down! Don’t turn this into your little way of making our communities even more divided due to your ignorance people. If that young boy was to get into a brawl with white boys what would your story be today? Enlighten me, please. How far would you be pushing this story towards a case of racial criminal activity? Just like the assumptions you raise about blacks and those folks running to aid a black person in distress is no different then the way this incident has been treated throughout our bias media organizations. We saw just first hand how bias our media and our radio stations were during the election. This country is the most racist country ever; nothing has changed and I never expect it to. How will you end racism or do you even want to?

If you want to know what real racial crimes are check out these links and be educated:


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