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Bush 43 policies trapping President Obama

Updated on August 14, 2014

The GOP has cast many traps for Democrats

Bush 43, W to many, ruined the worldwide economy, his sunset provision for his tax cut for the rich was diabolical, "GWOT" riled up his base and his Iraq War trapped the Democrats in a quagmire that can only benefit the warmongering GOP. Each of these traps helped the GOP in the short and long term and also ran counter to the Democratic party’s stances.

GOP diabolic trap masters

Republicans have exhibited some vile tendencies throughout recent history. We have “Tricky Dick”, “Teflon Ronnie” and Bush 43, among others, as examples.

How can I say Republicans are crooks? Remember “Tricky Dick” saying “I am not a crook” and tell me why they aren’t.

Reagan took credit for everything positive during his administration, but was nowhere to be found when Ollie North fell on the sword over the Iran-Contra scandal. Many of Reagan’s intimates were facing criminal sentences after Reagan’s term ended. His successor, Bush 41, was still giving them clemency during his term.

Bush 43 is a chip off of his father's block. Read the article “Bush Pardons 6 in Iran Affair, Aborting a Weinberger Trial; Prosecutor Assails 'Cover-Up'” and tell me how he isn’t.

Reagan has been raised to the status of the savior of the GOP. Bush 43 emulated him and other GOP scammers. Not everyone who has trapped Democratic politicians has been a GOP President but we will concentrate on the highly influential.

Let’s see how W plotted to augment Reagan’s legacy, and hurt any Democrats.

W ruined the worldwide economy, he implemented a sunset provision into his tax cut for the rich, he implemented the Global War on Terrorism "GWOT" and followed his Father into an ill-fated Iraq War. W gained from each of these tragedies and each would irreparably damage any Democratic President.

Ruining the worldwide economy

Reagan introduced huge deficits and tax cuts for the top 1%, but W took this legacy to extremes by ruining the worldwide economy.

Is it hyperbole to say Bush 43 is guilty of ruining the worldwide economy? The article “The Top 20 Ways President George W. Bush Destroyed America” says Bush 43 was responsible as it states “The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Reserve stood idly by while the big banks created a $600,000,0000,000,000 mortgage-backed derivatives bubble that burst and brought down the global economy.”

Bush 43 Tax cut for top 1% sunset provision

This tactic proved how Machiavellian the GOP politicians are and how they have improved upon earlier vile tactics. Reagan implemented tax cuts for the fat cats. When it became obvious that his tax cuts were causing huge deficits and hurting our economy he raised taxes. He is praised by Tea Partiers for his tax cuts, but he raised taxes more any other President.

Bush 43's team did polls and the GOP determined that if the Democrats tried to bring taxes back to the Clinton era rates the Democrats would be accused of raising taxes. This alienates every US voter. What a diabolical plot devised by the GOP. I don’t think W had the intellectual curiosity to accomplish this. I bet he handed it off to his political brain, Karl Rove, affectionately labeled “Turd Blossom”.


The GOP always has it considered that establishing itself as being the protectors of the US populace; by introducing us into conflicts against dangerous, blood thirsty enemies, gets them votes. “Tricky Dick” and Reagan used the Communists as the opponents. W latched onto Islamic terrorists. We won’t dwell upon W receiving and ignoring daily briefings warning of Islamic terrorist attacks on our homeland.

We will say that the GOP has understood how if the populace is cowed by an invulnerable enemy that the politicians who are continually attacked as being weak on defending the country, the Democrats, will suffer.

Iraq was a preemptive War

The terrorists that attacked us on 9/11 used Afghanistan as its base. Bush 43 first attacked in Afghanistan, but his advisors; wanted to attack Iraq even before W was elected. Attacking Iraq was not required to protect our country from Islamic terrorism. The article “Lets Not Forget: Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President” details this and that the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was the ultra-right wing group behind this. PNAC had Cheney and Wolfowitz, key members of Bush 43’s administration, as leader. The article states “The United States has for decades sought to play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security.”

The GOP forced us to attack Iraq because they have wanted to for some time. It did not benefit the US. It was not imperative for our national interests. The GOP plan was that if the Iraq War failed they’d blame the Democrats for being weak on national defense, which they did.

The biggest personal tragedy of W’s Iraq travesty to our country is the loss of US solider lives. We also have to deal with the loss of Iraqi lives, if we have any humanitarianism in our souls, as well as the cost of the Iraq War, which has been estimated as between $2 to $6 Trillion.

Now, the US is being forced to use airstrikes against ISIS. President Obama campaigned against the Iraq War. Now we are being dragged into W's quagmire. President Obama being forced to alter his sworn pledge to remove forces from Iraq must make these cold-blooded Tea Partiers ecstatic.

The GOP has cast many traps for Democrats

W ruined the worldwide economy, his sunset provision for his tax cut for the rich was diabolical, "GWOT" riled up his base and his Iraq War trapped the Democrats in a quagmire that can only benefit the warmongering GOP. Each of these traps helped the GOP in the short and long term and also ran counter to the Democratic party’s stances.


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