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Bush Being a Choosy Beggar for Haiti Charity

Updated on April 25, 2011

We all agree that a tragedy of the magnitude of Haiti's calls for all the aid the world over. Telethons and concerts aired with artists performing and even manning the phones to use their status to get us to open up our hearts and wallets.

I do not mean to belittle the effort for help, but it does sicken me that former President George W. Bush is saying, "I know a lot of people wanna send blankets or water... just send your cash." All while shaking his head and showing a smirk. This was at a press conference that all three leaders Bush, Clinton and Obama held to announce a new way to help.

It is called the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund that has been introduced to the American public by President Obama. Bush has assured us that the money donated will be "spent wisely". Yeah? The same way our tax dollars and American military are being used to fight the Axis of Evil? Or, perhaps the way in which the Hurricane Katrina monies were used to help people that, as of this day, still live in FEMA trailers?

Interesting that we are to take his word for it because the fund is seeking tax-exempt status under legislation 501(c)3. Therefore, an audit on the donated funds would be truncated.

Pardon me, but this does not seem right that we are being summoned to help by two former heads of state that lied to us, sent us to war under false pretenses and/or have simply disgraced our government and our identity as Americans.

I do recall a certain bank bailout that Congress was fear-mongered into passing for the salvation of our economy that went to already-rich financial institutions, which has yet to bear any recession recovery fruits. Where did that money go? Maybe it is sitting in an overseas bank account somewhere.

Obviously, the average American does not have independent resources at their disposal to personally travel to Haiti and see to it that aid gets to where and who are in most need of it.

I just feel that both, charities and their spokespersons, are to be heavily scrutinized before writing out that generous check or providing that credit card number.

May the people of Haiti overcome this tragedy with faith, hope and high spirits.


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