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Bush should get credit for bin Laden--NOT!!!

Updated on March 19, 2012

Lies, Lies, Lies

Tim Pawlenty
Tim Pawlenty
John Boehner
John Boehner
Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

Republican lies

So, I have been reading some of the Republican’s responses to the death of Osama Bin Laden. They run from the courteous to the ridiculous. The ones that I found the most interesting were:

· Tim Pawlenty: “In the hours after the 9/11 attacks, President Bush promised that America would bring Osama bin Laden to justice — and we did: I want to congratulate America’s armed forces and President Obama for a job well done.”

· John Boehner: “I want to commend President Obama and President Bush for all their efforts to bring Osama bin Laden to justice.”

· Newt Gingrich: “I commend both President George W. Bush who led the campaign against our enemies through seven long years, and President Obama who continued and intensified the campaign in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

Anyone see a problem with this besides me? George W. Bush was president for eight years and Osama bin Laden was hiding right down the road from Pakistan’s military school or their West Point and he could not find him.

However, our President, Barack Hussein Obama helped plan this raid. He decided to send in the Navy Seals instead of dropping 2,000lb bomb, and he sat up and watched this mission as it unfolded. Where was Bush? However, this is the problem that I see with Republicans, they cannot deal with reality. Let’s look up some other issues that they have tried to lie about.

They blame the budget deficit on Obama. Again their grip on reality is very loose because Bill Clinton left George W. Bush a 2.3 trillion dollar deficit, which the House Budget Committee said, would be paid off by 2008. He left him, essentially, a balanced budget sheet. By the time Obama was elected in 2008, that deficit had grown to 10.3 trillion dollars. Since Obama has been president that deficit has grown to over 12 trillion dollars. Now lets do the math shall we, 12.3 trillion minus 2.3 trillion equals 10 trillion. If you take away another 2 trillion from that you get eight trillion. So, the truth is that fully 8 trillion dollars of our current deficit belongs to George.

They also blame President Obama for bailing out the banks. Well, at least George himself took credit for that one. Let’s get this straight guys, Bush bailed out the banks and Obama bailed out the car industry.

Another lie that Republicans like to espouse is that the President has raised taxes. In truth, Obama has lowered taxes for over 98% of Americans.

On top of all of this, he gave us healthcare reform. What we should do now is bring our brave troops home, create more manufacturing and hi-tech jobs here--lets make more things in America. We need to create technical schools for our children because, unfortunately, they do not all learn the same. Finally, we have to get off the teat of big oil. I look forward to what OUR president will do in these situations.

Reality seems to be a difficult call for Republicans. They had trouble believing that President Obama was born in Hawaii. They have trouble giving credit where credit is due and they just simply lie about the reality of our current economic situation. Seems like they have trouble with the truth.


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    • amymarie_5 profile image

      amymarie_5 6 years ago from Chicago IL

      Amen! I cannot believe the nerve of some of these Republicans. They never take responsibility for their action and always blame the Democrats. The truth is that Bush abandonned the mission to find bin Laden. He never cared about the American people. He had a personal agenda with Saddam Hussein and he focused all his energy on an illegal war in Iraq. The fact that Obama did what he did just infuriates them. How about saying thank you to our President for making the mission to find bin Laden a first priority again? Would it kill these Republicans to admit the president did the right thing and give him credit for it? Something that Bush had eight years to do but couldn't? It just amazes me.

      Thanks for sharing this hub. I voted up.

    • habueld profile image

      Bruce Bean 6 years ago from Riverside, CA


    • AJ76 profile image

      AJ76 6 years ago from Florida

      Love the HUB! I wish more people did their own math. Permission to share of FB?

    • Williamjordan profile image

      Williamjordan 6 years ago from Houston TX

      I should not comment because I am not a fan of Liberl's. But Obama did keep the troch burning untill Bin Laden paid the price. The rest of this Hub I will not comment own.

    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Awesome Hub!


    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Great Hub. President Bush diverted the military from the real enemy in Afghanistan to the phony Iraq War. That is why he failoed to catch him for over 7 years. You are right. He deserves no credit.