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"But, Men!": Mansplaining Women's Issues

Updated on May 7, 2014

(a.ka. Why we so desperately need Feminism)

I so often find when discussing rape culture, sexism, and misandry that a lone male or a group of males feel it is their personal duty to remind me that "not all men are like that." As individuals, I am fond of men, and I know that being born a cis male does not equate to being a horrible person. However, as a group in a privileged position of institutionalized power, men suck. I cannot count the number of times I have been told that gender equality has been achieved, and that women who claim to be feminist want to be better than men. However, I've done my research, and the facts are not on the side of the anti-feminists. Statistically speaking, the "But, men!" argument holds no water, as the numbers clearly show that women are routinely beaten, raped, stalked, and murdered more frequently than men. Additionally, the facts show that women of color and transwomen are even more likely to be murdered than white cis females. The layers of racism, sexism, and transphobia inherent in the treatment of women is appalling, and undeniable. I've broken it down into an infographic, so you can get a clear visual of just how absurd, and frankly offensive, the "But, Men!" argument is.

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Insane, right?

Before I did the in depth research required to make this infographic, I knew things were bad, but I had no idea just how awful it really was. What were your reactions to this information? Did it change your perception? Leave a comment (respectfully) and vote in the poll to see how you and other readers responded to this info.

*Please keep in mind that all racist, homophobic, trans*phobic (transmen, transwomen, non-binary, etc.), blatantly sexist, and generally horrific comments will be deleted. This is a safe place.*

Fact Checking

Here is a list of my resources used in the making of my infographic. If you have more recent (reliable) sources, please feel free to respectfully inform me so that I can update accordingly. Additionally, here's a link to the original full infographic. Thank you!

"But Men!" Infographic:

American Bar Domestic Violence Stats:
Bureau of Justice Statistics- Female Victims of Violence:
Bureau of Justice Statistics- Female Victims of Violent Crimes:
Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) Statistics:
One in Four USA Sexual Assault Statistics:
National Women’s Law Center Data on Poverty & Income:
Article on The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs’ (NCAVP)report on hate violence against LGBT, queer and HIV+ people in the United States:
NCAVP Report: 2012 finds hate violence disproportionately targets Transgender Women of Color


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