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"By any means necessary:" Just win!

Updated on December 24, 2016

Values don't matter anymore. Good character don't count anything now.

SUBHEADING ONE: Concerns that caused me to write this article in the first place. I am adding some text above the last text that I wrote within the context of this article. Nothing below SUB-HEADING TWO has been changed or re-written. (SUB-HEADING TWO is old writing.

I have concerns about how decisions are made. I worry when unethical decisions are made to win a presidential election because the same unethical decision making will be used by a leader to rule over the people that make up his country. "Just War-fighting" require ethical leadership in the planning of war. (What is a Just War?) I will write more about this later.

We do not live in a country where ethics matter anymore, since the last election campaign. As a matter of fact, if anything goes in the course of campaigning for an office, then anything still goes as a new leader takes over the country.

I am adamant in my belief that we ( the United States of America) will be engaged in a nuclear war involving China or Russia or both within this decade. It is possible that all out war will break out in less than 10 years, but it will be a miraculous thing if we have not had an all out war 20 years from now. Actually, no one knows for sure.

We are going down hill in our abilities to avoid a nuclear war in the very near future. So called "deterrents to nuclear war" count for less in the bitter, hateful climate that we witnessing globally. There is friction between the governments of the U.S.A. and China. There will be greater conflicts between Russia and the U.S.A. once Vladimir V. Putin realizes that his survival within the global community will become more difficult as he tries to outmaneuver the new leadership of the United States of America. His (Putin's) relationship with the U.S.A. will deteriorate farther, moving from the "win-win" situation to the "win-lose" situation, the Americans being the winners, economically speaking. All out nuclear war with Russia or with China, or both, will always be a "lose-lose" situation.

Nobody will be the winners in a nuclear, World War III situation. We are all loses. Nobody will win this nuclear battle when it is finally fought, and it will be fought, sooner of later.

I am happy to have gotten to meet and to have some very interesting conversations with Admiral Hyman G. Rickover at a critical time in my young life. Rickover, a highly respected Flag Officer in the U.S. Navy, has died, but his words still live in my mind and in my soul. Talking to him, and mostly, listening, helped me to have an advantage understanding Nuclear Warfighting. "Nobody will this one," he said. I believe and trust Rickover's thinking above any living person alive today, anywhere. Period!

At some point it is going to be helpful for me to write a brief case history on my understanding of Admiral Rickover, the Father of the Nuclear Navy, an undisputed Master of Nuclear Warfare.

But never forget, Admiral Rickover hated nuclear weapons. This is a difficult thing to understand without actually knowing him personally.

SUB-HEADING TWO: Things have changed. Things have changed mostly for the worse. I don't like talking about it. I only write about what I see.

Interest rates will increase, soon. This is a serious step in the wrong direction toward increased inflation in the very near future.

People in the global community are fearful for their futures. I am not including one half of the American population who are fearful and experiencing hopelessness.

We do not require that our leaders, here in the United States of America, have good character or practice ethical behavior. People can call each other names. People can carry guns in the streets and threaten to kill each other. People can do whatever they need to do to survive. They can lie, steal and cheat. They can do "whatever." Nothing matters anymore.

People still go the Church on Sunday. Out of habit, they go through the motions. Any fool knows that a Just, Righteous God does not appreciate all this Ugly behavior. People call themselves trying to save somebody. Save yourselves first. Jesus would agree. Who are they trying to fool. Do they really believe that people in the greater global community will every forget how Ugly the greater American population behaved during our last Election? No! Nobody will ever forget this ugly election. Things will never be the same again. Things will never be good again.

The people who behaved the ugliest are the ones who want people to stop talking about the Ugly Election the most. They want everybody to forget about the Election. Like it never ever happened. By the way. They won! They want the losers to shut up, to go away. The losers do not have anywhere to go. People still hate the losers. The losers do not have a place in this country anymore. They are just here. Taking up space.

Nothing will be solved. Not now. Not ever. The shooting war started in 1861 and ended in 1865. The Cold War stared in 1865 and has not ended yet. The hate and ugly Cold War lives on. We are still at war, people. Face it!

This is a very short discourse. Very short.

Merry Christmas, my Friends.

Happy New Year, even.

God Bless You. God bless us all. God bless America!


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