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Updated on November 5, 2011

He must show some sympathy.

Herman Cain going on, as if nothing is really happening around him, beats the mind.

The allegations of sexual harassment being thrown at him were serious, but he tend to behave with no sign of being embarrassed or having any regrets of them.

The media has turned the whole episode into a kind of charade; and every development of the matter was being greeted with so much alacrity, as if there was nothing else to report.

Although, the women complainants must have been the first victims of Cain's indiscretion, in refraining from treating them as decent human beings; all Americans have become the second victims to his outrageous behavior, for they were being blasted everyday with all the nuances involving the matter.

The media would not rest until they have researched all the aspects of the complaints against Cain, and then dump the trash that came out of them on the public.

One of the women has made a statement through her lawyer, and it depicted the lack of respect that Cain, who was the CEO of the National Restaurant Association, had for her in the workplace, where she was employed, at the time, when he was her boss.

In that period, she had a "series of inappropriate behaviors and unwanted advances" from Cain.

Other women have been assailed in the same fashion, and Cain has the audacity to be flaunting himself as a hero at conservative political and fundraising meetings. He was being applauded, each time he stood up to address the crowds; and for what, nobody knew.

Where was the dignity that the Republican Party, of which Cain was one of the front runners in the party's nomination race for the 2012 presidential election, always espoused.

For ethical reasons, his own rivals and fellow contestants in that race could have commented on the allegations with some strong remarks to show their reaction; that they were not happy with media reports about their colleague. Some would even have berated him for his indiscretion toward those women by now; yet, none of that has come to public notice. Why?

Even, as the issue stood where it presently was, Cain should render several apologies to the victims and their families, for the inconvenience he has caused them; he should not wait until there was proof that he had done what they were saying he did.

However, he flatly continued to deny the allegations, and thus making them to be the liars.

At what point would his advisers step in to get him to show some remorse? They did have that obligation; didn't they?


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