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Updated on November 4, 2011

Should anyone care about it?

Businessman Herman Cain is supposed to be doing well in the polls, as his ploy to be the person, who will win the Republican Party's nomination race continues.

Yet, his sexual harassment charges continue to hang over his head as the sword of Damocles, and still piling up. Why?

Well, the legal entanglements on agreements and settlements that have been previously worked up to stop the women, who were laying the charges against him, have been removed.

The news that is coming out this morning is that one of such women is planning to make a statement to substantiate the sexual harassment charges; thus making herself as one of the victims, and that will vilify Cain tremendously.

The people around him were so naive, they have allowed the whole situation to get out of hand, for Cain to become hysterical at one instance, trying to break lose from media reporters from smothering him.

He was seen to be yelling, "Excuse me, excuse me," in an attempt to get away, as he was so emotionally angry, and wanting some room to breathe.

All that was due to bad management for a person, who has been CEO for many famous companies and organizations, Coca Cola and the National Restaurant Association among them; but could not use his skills to mastermind his own political campaign.

That showed a lot of incompetence on his part; and particularly, when he was vying for position to be president of the United States of America.

While incompetence was too strong a word to use, Cain has demonstrated that he could not handle any kind of crisis, let alone the one that came in at 3 a.m. He would still be dozing off, while it turned into a major one.

Nobody was speculating that Cain would be the Republican Party nominee to challenge President Barack Obama in the 2012 general election; yet, suffice it to say that should happen; that the unimaginable should occur that he should win, then one should picture the risk that the U.S. was taking.

However, President Obama was ready, able and willing to defend his performance as president, and he was determined to win his second term bid. So, there should not be any fear of Cain or anyone else coming in to mess things up for him.

As for Cain, he might as well sit back and watch his cigarette smoking manager ruin everything he has worked all his life for, go up in smoke; or take hold of himself and bring his political ambition, as well as his handling of his inimical, legal encumbrances, under control.

The advise by many people was that he has lawyers, and so, he should let them handle any questions appertaining to his sexual harassment charges, to enable him to concentrate on the campaign trail.

If he was wise, he would do so, to save him from losing all the money he has invested in himself, trying to win the Republican Party's nomination. He still had grass root support, for him to be up on top his rivals in the media and other polls.

As for the presidency, it should remain a pipe dream for him. No nation would want a lying president, for even if he won his party's nomination, and then lost on his sexual harassment charges, he would not be president.


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