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Updated on July 12, 2011

Why the stoicism?

The debt negotiations bring out the callousness of many people on Capitol Hill, where all of them have no direct connection with entitlement programs, because there is no way that they will ever be recipients.

They will never receive Social Security benefit checks, for it is below their dignity to do so; and they also have better insurance plans that make a mockery of Medicare.

Those first class insurance plans are there for themselves and their families, and they will always have them (plans), come rain or shine.

Very little do they know about some Senior Citizens fighting so hard to stay alive on their meager benefits, whose part becomes co-payment expenses for prescription drugs and other services. They even starve to get their medications refilled, if it comes to that.

To focus on Social Security and Medicare as being part of government spending, and therefore their costs are to be slashed to fill the nation's deficit gap, shows how wicked some people are, when it comes to deciding as to what happens to others, if they have no means to live on.

Supposing the Obama government agrees for those entitlement programs to be cut, there will be some Seniors, who will have no money for anything at all. No food, no clothing, no shoes; and of course paying for services like electricity and telephone will become an enormous problem.

There might be other subsidies that they can apply to help in their daily living expenses, but most of them (subsidies) do not factor in the rising cost of living; and so these seniors have no where else to turn.

Benefits have had a big reduction only a year or so ago, and those that were receiving, for example, $1000 dollars a month, were now getting about 3/4th of that amount. They would suffer drastically if a new wave of reduction came their way. If Social Security was cut once more, they would not know what to do.

The word "dying" does not cross the minds of those lawmakers who are insisting that Social Security is part of the problem, and therefore it has to be farther cut to make up for the deficit.

However, when that happens, it will be like passing the death sentence on those seniors, who will not be able to cope with their own financial crises that will come about as a result.

So, why does it have to matter so much to those politicians, who want Social Security to be completely terminated? Because they do not get many votes from Senior Citizens; and that is the main or sole reason for them to foster the idea of Social Security being placed on the chopping block, instead of, for example, Payroll tax reduction that will be good for workers.

Also to them, tax increase for the wealthy is a misnomer; and the closing of the loopholes in the present tax system does not occur to them at all as something they need to seriously consider. If they decide to look into them (loopholes), they will offend other citizens who are rich; and who happen to be their campaign contributors.

In all their dealings, they forget that the human factor is the most important thing of all. Even in physical wars, there are rules to protect the elderly, the very young and the invalid; but here in America, where monetary problems have become almost physical, there is no defense for the old, the very young and the sick.

How callous; how stoic can some people become.


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    • GNelson profile image

      GNelson 6 years ago from Florida

      I am afraid you right. They are taking care of their own self interest before the elderly, the young, or the sick.


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