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Updated on February 1, 2012

What should be done?

Considering the huge amounts of money spent in the Florida primary, it would be an understatement to say that the 2012 general election would be fought with the wealthy on one side and the middle class and working people on the other.

There is so much money flying around to fund the PACs (Political Action Committees), who are backing the candidates with millions of dollars coming from banks, big companies, corporations and private individuals, some of whom are billionaires, and it is all being done without any real check.

The donations raised by the candidates in the Florida primary alone run into millions of dollars, which can make one to speculate that the presidential election will just be the same; the wealthy fighting it out to gain power, for the mere fact that they have the means to do so and others do not.

In today's, one such (PAC) organization raised so much money, it would make one's head spin. It raised $51 million dollars last year, and it has "filed a report with the Federal Election Commission showing that it pulled in (another) $18 million"... and that more of it was on its way.

"....$33 million – went into a secret money group called Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (Crossroads GPS for short) that does not disclose its donors." (

These groups are all over the place collecting money to fight their causes, and the average person working from pay check to pay check becomes helpless. He or she will be asked to vote in any and all the elections, and that will be as far as his or her performance goes.

The rest will be left to the politicians, who will do whatever they want in, for example, the United States Congress and elsewhere.

The PAC organization, "Crossroads", has said that it has just received "a whopping $7 million from Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons...," and there will be no surprise if he offers more.

Showing that money is no object for some people, when it comes to campaigning for public office, while others are scrimping for pennies to buy bread, pay the rent, and are forced to run helter-skelter - from home to work, and vice versa - just to have enough to support their families.

The fact remained that not all the money flowing to those organizations was for organizing meetings and gatherings, and for paying to advertise their candidates in the media, which in itself cost millions.

Let us say that other expenses would be paid for, like employing personnel to manage and run those groups; and so, what would happen to the rest such money?

Could it be said that it (not could be, but) was used for the purpose of graft?

Could it also be said that the actions of the PACs signified the class warfare that some politicians have been talking about, and President Barack Obama was trying to stop?

Footnote: Wikipedia will give you the meaning of graft. Go to


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