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Updated on September 10, 2011

Let the cooperation begin.

It was House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who maneuvered all the objectionable plans to oppose President Barack Obama, during the debt ceiling and deficit reduction fracases that broke out at both the White House meetings of Congressional members with the president, and on the floor of U.S. House of Representatives itself, not so long ago.

However, after last Thursday night, he was presenting a different attitude, by saying that cooperation with the president on job creation was not a bad strategy at all. His remarks that his side would find a way to work with the items in the president's speech, were surely commendable.

It showed that, although he was young and practically new in Congress, the notion of give and take, for any issue to be properly dealt with, was applicable in the affairs of the nation, just as well.

The Speaker of the House John Boehner also made similar comments, after the president's address to the joint session of Congress; and that gave momentum to what must happen for the nation's problems to be resolved amicably; and was just for some common ground to be found in most cases.

For example, a simple understanding between the White House and Congress could have averted the downgrading of America's credit rating, if both sides had agreed on raising the debt ceiling in time. Honestly, they could have avoided it, without the delay the whole debates and arguments were caught in.

They finally did come up with a bill, which was signed into law by President Obama, to avoid a default of the debt payments by the U.S. Government, for the first time in history, which would have made matters worse; but the agreement came too late for America to be penalized with a credit downgrade; whose end result has really affected the already slow growth of the nation's economy, and has caused the unemployment rate to remain high.

Americans are now hoping that another mistake will not be made by Congress, for it to be able to put into effect what the president has proposed, as it engulfed many of the ideas that both Democrats and Republicans commonly shared.

The gist of his speech was that the country was in an emergency situation, which required quick and immediate attention. Taking action to resolve it was in the hands of Congress. The economy was going nowhere, and unemployment was at an unsustainable height; therefore, the government and the opposition, labor unions and industry; all should pitch in to get things to go right from now on, for the country's sake.

There was plenty of room for party politics and political ideologies to be expressed in no uncertain terms in the public arena; but the time for all that was not now.

Representative Eric Cantor has assured the American people of the opposition's reversal of attitude toward the president's policies; and that they were prepared to go along with those ideas that would help to alleviate the problems that the country was grappling with. Let us take him on his word for the cooperation with the government to start, for the nation's well being.

At the moment, he is "The Man of the Day", for his bold assertions after the president's speech.


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      I think Rep, Cantor is playing possum for now. He feels he needs to say some conciliatory things right now but he will only accept the parts he likes and no more. I do not trust him at all. Cantor showed his true selfish colors during the debt ceiling negotiations.