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Updated on June 3, 2010

Boston Magazine joins Gordon's gang.

Perhaps my imagination leads me astray from time to time, but word association can be fun. Several years ago I was asked how I would describe people who support Jim Gordon's Cape Wind project. My answer was one word, Gordonistas. How else to describe people for whom fact and logic are only of nuissance value?

More importantly, how do we explain the fact that for the most part the American press treat Jim Gordon as if he is a heroic figure in the fight to forge a clean energy future for America? Are they Gordonistas also or merely wrong? How about stupid? Boston Magazine offers us the best, I think, single example of what happens to ordinary press people when Jim Gordon starts speaking in his oh-so sincere and measured tones.

In its July, 2009 issue Boston Magazine printed a piece on Jim Gordon. The extended version of this print piece is still available online. Descrbing his search for the perfect site at which to build an offshore wind farm Gordon said, "So we located this very shallow shoal in Nantucket Sound called Horseshoe shoal that was away the shipping lanes, the ferry routes, out of the air flight paths. it was extremely shallow, so it's an area that most boaters avoid."

It is bad enough that Gordon, whose knowledge of the boating activities in Nantucket Sound is zero made such dishonest remarks. However, worse yet is that Boston Magazine legitimized them and although being asked to correct them refuses to acknolwdge the errors in what Gordon said. Many descriptions come to mind: arrogant, dishonest, stupid, wreckless and annoying come to mind.

In bad weather with a combination of reduced visilibility and high winds with rough seas the Nantucket ferries routinely navigate into the area where the wind farm is proposed. Also, a quickglance at the wind farm's site, available at the Cape Wind website, ishows that Cape Wind will occupy the heart of Nantucket Sound. 85% of the wind farm site is deep enough to accomodate every vessel operated by the local ferry company. This means depths of at least fourteen feet. Nantucket sound is one of the busiest recreational boating areas on ther atlantic coast. But, according to Jim Gordon and the Gordonistas, "most boaters" avoid the twenty-five square miles at its heart.

The Minerals Management Service says clearly in their favorble decision on Cape Wind that the U.S. Coast Guard will be deliniateing "travel lanes" through the wind farm. In other words, most people will be forced to avoid the area. Of, MMS also granted BP the exemptions from ordinary rules which made the Gulf oil spill possible. 

Perhaps Boston Magazine should stick to Boston stories and leave Nantucket Sound to those who know what goes on there.

Byt the way, my name game yields the following: Oil spill combines with spoil to give us spoil. those responsible for the BP spoil are spoilistas. This, of course, includes everyone from Salazar on through MMS. In a sense, Obama himself is a spoilista.

Copyright 2010 by Peter A. Kenney


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    • Paradise7 profile image


      8 years ago from Upstate New York

      Interesting article. I don't see what's wrong with putting the wind farm on land! It would be a lot less bother for the water vehicles.


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