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Updated on October 4, 2011

Explain yourself, man.

More and more people are becoming critical of the news that Gov. Rick Perry and his family have once leased a property by the name of "Niggerhead,"

Yet, that alone will not be disconcerting, but the Texas Governor is running to grab the Republican Party's nomination for president.

He may have done the renting of a place under such a derogatory name unwittingly, but that is not what his critics are saying.

Businessman Herman Cain, who is also the governor's rival for the nomination, has made some scathing comments about the controversy, but has later on withdrawn them, because, "That word does not worry me," he had said.

Also, Rep. Ron Paul, who is a potential contestant for the same Republican nod as the other two, is not going to say much, for there are better thing to talk about; he comments. So says CNN Contributor Donna Brazile (my favorite), that other important issues must come first. (I agree with her).

However, many others are not taking the matter lying down; such as former chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele, who is so miffed about the controversy, he calls it "very troubling on some many levels, for so many reasons." (Washington Post).

Yet, it is Rev. Al Sharpton, who really takes the governor to task by saying, (It) “is alarming and displays a new height in racial insensitivity in national politics,” (CNN). Sharpton, who is the president of the National Action Network wants Perry to step out of the race (pun unintended).

Again, a Conservative political strategists is suggesting that, "Perry’s ties to the property may become a political millstone around his neck should he win the nomination and face off against the nation’s first African-American president."

It may seem that the Texas Governor is in real hot water; however, just renting a place does not make a person a racist. Many people are saying that he must still be given the opportunity to stay in the Republican contest, until there is more proof that his decision to lease Niggerhead has been deliberate.

As well as if he has any racial feelings in him, they will be known in some form or fashion during the campaign.

Right now, he has the obligation to bring out his damage control personnel to make him look normal again, as his caricature is what shows more in other people's eyes.


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