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Updated on June 15, 2012

Should he be talking like that?

If James Carville wants to support President Barack Obama and wants the Democratic Party to take back the United States House of Representatives, that is not how he has to write or talk.

The mini-headline on CNN front page makes people sick, which is, "Carville: What if the rich lost 40% of their Wealth?", and it looks neutral, when one reads it superficially; but deep down in the minds of readers, the article is pointing out that nobody is helping the middle class American. That is not true in every sense of the word.

Where has he been for the past three and a half years, when Obama has been wrestling with the struggle to bring back the confidence of working people, by introducing all forms of proposals to put the unemployed to work, but they have all been knocked down by the Congressional Republicans?

They, the Republicans, have tricked the country to win the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010, by saying that the government had a spending problem, and therefore voters should get the tea party members in the House to restrict the spending. So, in fact, people had voted for budget reduction and not actually for the Republican Party.

They have ever since tied the hands of the minority members of Congress behind their backs, and in that mode, the government has not been able to have anything done.

There have only been stalemates and gridlocks, and Congress has become so dysfunctional, it was a wonder that the business of the country was getting any attention at all; and if not for the Senate that has a Democratic majority to face off the seemingly attacks by the Republicans in the form of pushing their agendas to counteract Obama's plans that would benefit the middle class and the working men and women in the country, nothing could be accomplished.

The government could do NOTHING, if the House remained in the hands of the Republicans, who were fighting hard to protect the interests of the wealthy; and they would succeed in that effort, if encouragement was not given to voters to push them out.

Carville maintained that the middle class has no "lobbyists", but on the contrary, who more could be doing so to champion their cause, than the White House and the president?

The Affordable Health Care Act has gone through the House, when the Democrats were in the majority; and now, the Republicans were determined to repeal it. The pay roll tax cut for 150 million Americans has had a strenuous fight through Congress; and the government was about to default in meeting its fiscal obligations with the stiff opposition in the debt ceiling and deficit reduction talks by the Republican "tea partiers" in the House.

The result of that was what caused the country's credit rating to take a bashing, and to be downgraded; and whose outlook was still negative and so affecting the country's economy even now.

Those were the things that Carville and his friends should ponder, instead of writing derogatory articles to exacerbate the situation. In effect, such articles would create confusion in the minds of the middle class to stay at home on election day, or not to vote, because there was no one in Washington D.C. to sympathize with them.

However, the worst case scenario would be the Republicans taking over the White House, the House of Representatives and even the Senate; and the middle class and the working peoples would not have any representation at all, and no political footing anywhere.

Was that what Carville and his friends were aspiring for? Many people would call them flimsy Democrats and politicians, who could not be trusted for what they said outwardly. In their hearts they wanted their party to fail; and for what, nobody could tell.

There were those, who were still fighting for the middle class and to safeguard their interests; and if they (Carville and friends) did not want to be part of that group, then they should say so; otherwise, their actions would only be detrimental to the political persuasion that they professed to be part of.

P.S. Believe it or not, but there were "tea partiers for Obama". Honestly.


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