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Updated on October 30, 2009

stop being adamant.

What does change demand? It demands, contribution, cooperation and sacrifice. Change is not an empty notion; it requires practicability, patience and bold decisions.

These are some of the connotations of change; and who are liable to know that more than the regular folk? It has to be politicians who are always invoking change. They do so to alter situations and conditions; to renew or refurbish institutions, and to clear up and resolve problems.

The reaction to it (change) always varies, which can involve acceptance, rejection and failure for lack of conviction. Sometimes it is met with mixed feelings, of anger on one hand and elation on the other; or abstention or complete objection to it. Change is not as cheap a commodity as we are led to believe in some instances, in terms of it being expensive and costly. It is like buying a new house; it must cost a lot of money, naturally. It can also be provocative, satisfactory or indifferent at times, but of course, never, never confusing.

All that does not define the word "change" itself. It is a group of qualifications or excesses that tend to bring out its true meaning; thus giving the inquisitor an ample opportunity to know what it (change) stands for. So that, when people fail to grasp or understand its purpose, one is bound to ask the question, why?

The health care reform or overhaul has captured the imagination of people from all walks of life; politicians, doctors, industrial manufacturers, union workers, retirees, housewives, the rich and the poor. Yet, its underlying factor, which is its purpose or its usefulness, is creating problems for even the well educated; however, the simple fact is that, if it is to serve the needs of society, then its outcome must affect everyone. In some instances, it can be in the form of high taxes or skyrocketing costs or a new approach in dealing with, for example, Pharmaceutical companies and medical device makers or insurance premiums and how to keep them from going through the roof or Insurance corporations to conform to new rules to effectively regulate them or the replacement of old and antiquated health insurance plans that have to be thrown out of the window; etc., etc.

The complexity of the health care system cannot be overemphasized, but its exercise is one that is directed toward helping the weak, the disabled and the sick in society, and so, it must be reformed for it to function as properly as it has to be. In other words, it (system) has to be able to perform well.

Children, pregnant women and frail, old people must be considered; big and small hospitals and health facilities have to have financing for development; to be able to carry out renovation, depending on the state they are in; and more.

A host of activities must take place in the system; all leading to how a community can remain healthy and disease free. To say that, a healthy community is a happy community will be an understatement. On a national basis, the scenario is also applicable.

That is what most lawmakers in Congress are aiming to do; however, some are just being hypocritical and remain on the side that has nothing realistic to offer, but sheer criticism. Public Option, we are told, will cripple the private sector of the health care industry, and that it will be hard for the remnant of it to compete with a government run insurance provider. Whether that is true or not is still a moot point; yet, change must come.

To the understanding of many people, taking part in it (PO) will not be mandatory; it will be open for states to hop in or out, if that is what they intend doing. Tax payer money for abortion, which is aberrant to some states, will require a clause of some kind to prevent it. Illegal aliens to have access to social services and even qualify for welfare payments must not be allowed to happen; and only the ironing out of such problems is what is left. Yet, some Congress men and women are being adamant in accepting that there is a need for change for the American health care recipient.

The proposals that have come out of the House of Representatives, as announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, carry hopeful signs of progress, that a final House bill is the works, which will eventually compare, side by side, with one that will come out of the Senate. It will then require a joint committee to find the pitfalls and obstacles in each one and level them out; at which point, a consensus will be reached for a final bill to pass in both Houses for President Obama to sign into law.

Through the democratic process, the nation will have a "Clean Bill of Health" care reform to cater to the need of all Americans; and that will be the change that we all want. Therefore, all must contribute, all must cooperate, all must sacrifice to a common cause; for without that, the chaos of the status quo will continue.


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    • jiberish profile image

      jiberish 8 years ago from florida

      In reading the new 'death plan' it is just like the old one only the words are twisted around to blind us of the facts that illegals will still be covered, and abortion is now a medical proceedure. We need reform, unfortunalty this is not it.