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Updated on November 12, 2012

That will help in solving many of the nation's problems.

The United States is faced with all kinds of problems this morning; the "fiscal cliff", the Petraeus scandal, the Benghazi attack investigations, and more, all of which are tough nuts to crack.

Yet the good news is about the fiscal cliff, which affects the country's struggling economy, and the optimism of leading political personalities of finding a way to resolve it.

It deals with the issue of high taxes for millions of people at the start of the year, many of whom cannot afford tax increases, and its consequences will be overwhelming, as it will throw the economy into a frenzy.

"Democratic and Republican leaders appeared Sunday to draw closer to reaching a compromise on keeping the country from going off the fast-approaching “fiscal cliff”", some of the media report (11/12/12).

That is what the voters anticipated in the 2012 presidential election, that lawmakers will learn a lesson from the gridlocks in negotiations, like the debt ceiling and deficit talks that have ended in a fiasco last year, and the Super Committee to find a break in making automatic cuts in government spending unnecessary. That too has failed.

Now, President Barack Obama has won a second term, which has changed the political atmosphere, and therefore, attitudes must also change for the U.S. Congress to tackle the problems the country has from a new perspective.

Democrats and Republicans will be able to sit down and discuss matters that are common to them, without thinking too much of the sensitive political ideologies that set them apart in previous talks. In other words, lawmakers have to learn to be pragmatic in going across the aisle to achieve compromises.

The president has taken the initiative to bring all sides together, as media reports say, "Later Friday, Obama invited Boehner, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to a meeting at the White House next Friday, a Democratic aide said." (CNN, 11/12/12).

All that goes to show that important issues are being given the priority they deserve; and that the bickering in Washington, D.C. only takes away precious time and adds nothing good to the country's political and economic health.

U.S. Congress job approval rating for the present session has been under 14% for the most part, and that has not been acceptable to the members themselves.

For them to realize that more cooperation is expected of them in the service of the country, the better it will be for real and positive change, particularly in the economy, to come about.


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