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Updated on October 10, 2011

Act now, Congress.

As the Occupy Wall Street, the original center of corporate greed, continues into its forth week, people are wondering as to what lawmakers in Washington D.C. are thinking.

They know perfectly well that the demonstration, which is now spreading through the rest of the country is not conducive to the nation's good. However, what to do is the actual problem; and that is, putting politics aside and finding a solution.

It is common knowledge that there is a whole lot to do in the United States Congress; but what goes on there, more than anything else, are the news conferences by parties shutting down each others ideas. No compromise whatsoever, for the sake of party and political beliefs.

So, the nation's real business is tossed aside for arguments to ensue over which party's dogma, platform and/or plank; while the sentiment outside is completely different. They, the people, are feeling the insensitivity of those, who must know better; members of Congress. After all, they are the representatives of the people.

Millions of people are out of work and who is going to help them to find a way to feed themselves and their families? They can do nothing, but cry in their tomato soup, while politicians in Congress are biding their time and delaying things; such as mere bills to be passed into law, for them to have jobs.

Who is supposed to run the country; the government or the opposition; and why has Congress become so dysfunctional, so that nothing can done?, they, the people, are asking.

Majority rules the vote in a democratic form of government. So, why has the majority done its job, by voting for a president, but a minority is stopping him in Congress?

The common man in the street seizes the opportunity to do what he likes, because there seems to be nobody in control of the country. Hence, the demonstrations across the length and breath of America.

President Barack Obama has had his America Jobs Act proposal, for weeks now, before Congress; and some media insiders are saying the bill has no life. It is dead on arrival. WHAT?

Although, it will be introduced on the floor of the Senate; but the media and political insiders word will prevail. They know the thoughts of Congressional Republicans, that they will oppose it, no matter what.

In the mean time, the people are hungry for work; and that is an emergency for the high unemployment rate to be quelled, and for the sluggish economy to pick up momentum and grow. Isn't that what everybody wants?

Yet, it is only a bill that has to pass through Congress to bring relief to millions of people, who are dying of hunger, for lack of cash flow in their homes.

Meanwhile the demonstration is planning to go Capitol Hill and Pennsylvania Avenue, and that will make matters worse. The demonstrators are going to meet face to face with the politicians that are blocking everything, even jobs. There will be chaos.

The best thing for Congress to do is to pass a bill for the demonstrations to stop; and for people to get back to work. It is that simple.

Fighting over the presidency of the United States is not for the present. The polls are not going to be opened until about a year from today.

The people are not there to make trouble. What they want is to be able to exercise their right to work. Get them the jobs, Congress.


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