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Updated on December 1, 2011

Is it distorted?

The embattled Herman Cain is battling with himself, as he manages to continue with his campaign in the Republican Party nomination race.

He is making character assassination a culprit of his own abject behavior toward women, and that will not stick. People know if somebody's character is being messed up, when the see it.

That is not the case with Cain, for to have two or three women, and now four, to be saying the same things about a person will be traits they are witnessing in regard to the person's nature.

They are saying something that is not out of character of the person; and that will not be stories of their own making, and so they (stories) will always be truthful; particularly, if they have encountered the same or similar behavior from that person. He, Cain, still continues to deny all the accusations against him.

Character assassination by Cain is therefore no defence or a kind of protection that he can use to change many minds about himself. He is a man with a double face, and wiping that off will take a lot of doing on his part. He has even distorted the meaning of the phrase "character assassination".

Now, the businesswoman from Atlanta was no fool to have come out with a story that would deprive her of the benevolence of Cain. She had everything, well, almost everything, to lose, when she decided to bite the proverbial finger that fed her; and who would do such a stupid thing?

She did it to expose a person who was dishonest. He had worked his way up in the Republican Party nomination race to being its front runner; and would anyone expect him to change his tactics, if he won the nomination? (His antics aside to beguile women?).

He could do so to become the president of the United States; and if that was not frightening, nothing else should be.

Cain did not appreciate what was going on around him; but like all his associates running in the Republican race, he must be scrutinized for any misgivings that he had, before he would be considered for the nomination.

The reason why a whole lot of people were pushing him out of the race was that he has been dishonest. He made a counter charge that the woman was a liar; although, Cain himself has admitted that he "helped" her for almost fourteen years. He was rather helping himself.

He would be deceiving himself, if he thought that the Republican Party would nominate a dishonest person for the presidency.


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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      He blew it, and I gave him 100 bucks, wonder if he will send that back to me? I still believe he would do a great job as president, I think its funny the double set of standards, Clinton can rape and molest but remain in the white house while nominees get the OMG treatment!