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Exuberance to cheating

Updated on March 13, 2015

Jubilation for cheaters!

Adultery has been considered socially and morally objectionable since ages and attracted religious and legal consequences ranging from mutilation, torture to death penalty. Today in many western countries it is no longer a crime but there are still many where it is. South Korea is among some of those nations who have struck down this criminal anti adultery law. The whole concept of scrapping down the law has come out with new outlook to view this scenario. It is rather arduous to say that whether decriminalizing would help or would it be a center to many problems.

"Maintaining a marriage and family should depend on individuals' free will and love.While it is now perceived that the law fails to achieve a public objective of protecting the integrity of marriage, it encroaches too much upon individuals' basic rights of self-determination for sexual conduct, thus losing the right legal balance", the judges pinned down.

They are correct in a way to write down this judgement because there is no point make laws and compel people to cling on to each other. Every individual has the right to choice in regard to his personal relationships. On moral and grounds although the partner who is being cheated upon remains wretched and miserable but no one can be pushed to live with someone he/she doesn't want to. Marriage is something which should be left at the discretion of the spouses irrespective of whether they keep up or not.

On the negative side of it, today's culture where there is no much regard for relationships, family ties and bonding, this new amendment might give an urge to many to cheat their partners without any legal consequences. Justice Ahn Chang-Ho has said its abolition would “spark a surge in debauchery.” It was reported shares in the Korean condom maker Unidus soared 15% after the ruling was announced.

In 2014 the government banned access to Ashley Madison, a dating website for people who want to cheat on their partners, over concerns that the service could encourage adultery. The Korea Communications Standards Commission, the country's Internet censorship body, said it is not sure whether they would lift the ban or not.

The Government is unclear because one way it has put aside the anti adultery law and on the other it bans the dating website!!


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