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Cia Passes Vital Information to Russia and Helps Thwart Terrorist Attack in Petersburg

Updated on November 9, 2018

CIA Passes Vital Information

At a time when Russian -America relations are at a low ebb, there is cheerful news. The CIA passed information to their counterparts in Russia of an impending Islamic terrorist attack.The Russians acted with alacrity on the information provided and were able to thwart the attack. Seven persons were arrested and their interrogation has revealed that they planned to carry out multiple attacks. The Russian president Vladimir Putin has spoken to Donald Trump and thanked him for the help provided by the CIA. Global News has reported that the White House has confirmed the telephone call.

This is a far cry from the days of the cold war when the CIA and the Russian secret service KGB were daggers drawn. The passing of vital information by the CIA has been appreciated by the Russians and show that both nations have joined hands in combating Islamic terror groups like the ISIS.

Russian-American Relations

Russian and America relations are passing through a difficult phase. The US President had often during the campaign said he would reset relations with Russia. But after he came to power, unsavory allegations of a Russian connection have emerged. The Intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election. Trump has doubted the claims of the Intelligence agencies. They haven't said whether the interference had any tangible effect on the result. These allegations have had a deleterious effect and Trump is boxed into a corner. An investigation into the Russian connection is launched by Congress and this is not to the liking of the president. The president has alleged that the investigation into the Russian connection is an attempt to cover up the defeat of the Democrats. He has cast doubt on the investigations by the Intelligence agencies as reported by CNN.

The Russian sanctions are still in force as they are linked to Russian action in Ukraine and the Crimea. Trump has not been able to do anything about them and the Russia investigation has been getting closer to him with his close aides arrested. His son and son-in-law have been questioned and one of his aides has agreed to turn approver.

The cathedral on the hit list
The cathedral on the hit list

Terror Attacks and the Future

Russia has faced many terror attacks by Islamic groups who are opposed to Russian support for Assad and also the Russian rule over Chechnya. In this case, the advance information helped the Russians to arrest 10 men who were planning attacks on the two-century-old Kazan Cathedral and other sites in St Petersburg which is the second largest city in Russia. They planned to use improvised locally made bombs for these attacks.

The terrorists are inspired by the ISIS which is incensed against Russia for its help to Assad and helping him oust the ISIS from Syria. They had also targetted a Russian airliner in Sinai and over 150 were killed.


The opponents of Trump have joined hands and the Intelligence agencies have confirmed that Russia interfered in the elections.Putin has denied these allegations a number of times and the president believes him. In their last meeting in Manila, the President was clear that the Russian investigation was a ploy to cover up the defeat of Hillary Clinton. He mentioned that he had asked Putin about it and the Russian president felt insulted.

The cooperation between the CIA and Russian intelligence is with the approval of Trump. As and when the Russian connection allegations are over, Trump will be able to reset relations with Russia. But the investigation could also go against the plot and pin something damaging on Trump. It does not look likely, but in politics, anything can happen.


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