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Updated on February 10, 2012

An African American scholar.

Roland Martin has been a pain in the neck of CNN head producer or director of political programs for quite sometime; and now he has found a way to get him out of his hair, either for good or for the time being; because that was what the end of Martin's suspension announcement said, "...for the time being,"

Martin has been too outspoken, for Obama, for most of the time, as he often showed his irascible side, when someone would come on a program that he was participating in and tried to assail the president.

He was eclectic, as he would dabble in facts only and never in rhetoric. He was savvy and bullish, and he made those two elements to go together so well on television like twisted candy; he scared many contributors that appeared on the same show as him. He was not afraid of controversy, for he has the "bring it on, and we will have a dialog on it," attitude or approach to issues, which was good for that particular medium, because of its dramatization nature.

One could not sit still on television; it was not made for that type of aloofness, and Martin was the exact opposite of that. He knew that television was a "positive action" tool, and he used it to that effect, and mainly to his advantage. That made him crude sometimes, but exceptional; and that was what the medium was generally designed to do; to show activity, non-stop.

He would demonstrate a great deal of boldness at the least instance and caused anyone to knuckle under to his side of an argument almost each and every time; and that angered many people on the set itself, including those running the program; especially the producers and directors.

Very few people have those characteristics, or should one say, qualities; but his were not learned; he was born with them and that made him (no, not special, but) rather unique. He was therefore interesting to watch on the television screen, but he could turn and become strange and irritable, when there was an argument between himself and any other person, who held a different view.

So, his firing (no, suspension) from CNN was not a surprise to many viewers of television; however, it was not for something he did on a show, but for a tweet that offended some homosexuals. WHAT?

Many did not know him personally, but they were miffed to such an extent that they would boycott CNN until he was brought back; honestly.

You see, people did not watch television because of its abstract appearance; they watched it because of the animation, either of persons or things, that caused them to pay attention and which aroused their emotions. In other words, the actions and the words coming out of a character motivated television viewers; and advertisers knew that for a fact; so that they were frequently making cartoon figures to talk and act more humanly nowadays to attract patrons.

For example, the gecko or the little lizard, was not made to just entertain; the motive was to have him reassuring motorists with (his) its words, and to have them think twice before they purchased car insurance. Now, (he) it was covering all kinds of insurance products, from golf carts to motorcycles.

Well, Martin was not that type, but he was not just boisterous at times either: he attracted audiences for the media as a whole, whenever he appeared in a political discussion on television or wrote a skit in the newspaper or a blog on the Internet.

To tout him was not (and I always write in the past tense) the objective of this blog; yet, to come off television for something he did on another social medium raised a whole lot of eyebrows; and the decision has become apoplectic, if CNN should know.

He has even apologized for the "smack the 'ish" tweet, which would leave David Beckham in stitches. He, David, would laugh his head off for being the center of such a controversy. Martin, has agreed to meet with his accusers, who took offence, because it (tweet) fomented violence, from their perspective; however, they were approaching the case in a different way, for them to say that,

"We look forward to hearing from CNN and Roland Martin to discuss how we can work together as allies and achieve our common goal of reducing such violence as well as the language that contributes to it.” (The Huffington Post, 02/09/12).

Nevertheless, the crux of the matter was, should he have been "suspended" in the first place?

Mr. Martin, incidentally, was an African American; and therefore CNN should reconsider; or people would be liable to think that it (suspension) was racially motivated.

That should put CNN on the spot; or nothing else should.


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    • American View profile image

      American View 5 years ago from Plano, Texas

      I was waiting for it, and there it was in the end. I knew race would be drawn into it somewhere. Get a new playbook guys, it is getting real old and cheesy. Oh and by the way, he does deserve to lose his job, its called a morals clause. The same clause you want people on the right held and fired over.