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Updated on September 1, 2010


The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, yesterday announced the end of combat operations by U.S. forces in Iraq; a historic milestone reached after the toppling of Saddam Hussein seven years ago.

It was his promise during the 2008 political campaign to bring that about; and although, he had opposed the Iraq war at the onset, it was his privilege, as the new Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. armed forces, to release the good news to the nation.

All must commend him for keeping that promise. However, his predecessor, former President W. Bush, also deserved some commendation for having the foresight to get rid of a despot in that volatile part of the world; and thus making the occasion possible.

The reasons to attack Iraq at the time it happened (March 3rd, 2003) were manifold, and no amount of discussion, for or against that decision, could decipher them. The horror of 9/11 was on the minds of all Americans; and whether Hussein was responsible for it or not was a moot point. However, the advise, by the Security Council, as many people had assumed, of taming the Islamic world, from where the danger emanated was realistic, due to the manifestation that all the 19 terrorists taking part in the attacks in New York and Washington were of Islamic descent. They were fanatics of Bin Laden, who had sworn to eradicate the United States.

It was an action that still had its pros and cons; but it was, more or less, taken to ensure the security of the United States, as well as for the protection of its citizens.

Now that Iraq has realized its full independence and sovereignty, through the pronouncement by the President of the United States, Americans would hope that iraq would emerge from its internal political conflicts and sectarian violence; and be able to form a unified government, and conduct its affairs to the betterment of its own people.

By the tremendous sacrifices that Americans made, in terms of U.S. Military casualties; and the huge cost that has somewhat bedraggled its economy, America still has a stake in Iraq's future. It (announcement) was, therefore, a great milestone reached by Iraq; and just the same, it must be admitted that, because of it, "America is more secure.", as the President said.


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