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Updated on February 23, 2011


Each human society is made up of different and diverse components or parts. It is based on the diversity and sometimes opposing or conflicting interests and views of the different members of the same society and the necessity to harmonize these diverging interests that the need for a cohering element arises. This cohering factor serves to oil the joints, so to speak, of the interacting parts and enables them to function with reduced frictions or tensions. Sometimes, because it is difficult to convince every member to adopt one single opinion as being the best for everyone in the society then arises, the need to find a common ground on which all the different opposing interests can meet or compromise. At this compromising ground each member accepts to surrender some aspects of their opinion or interests to accommodate those of the other stakeholders in the society.

And because every true and progressive modern society of today is anxious to maintain a healthy form of unity in diversity so it invented this important social tool to achieve that objective. The other side of compromise is intolerance, unwillingness to consider and more often than not, accept the views of others with whom you are supposed to have common aspirations. Intolerance of course engenders conflicts and instability in the society and as much as possible is discouraged by every society that is anxious to move positively forward in today’s world. And any society that is desirous for a constructive advancement will need some measure of relative stability or as little amount of friction as possible to be able to attain the goal.

Compromise therefore is a vital tool in the hands of true builders of any human society. Because of the divergent nature of the interests and perceptions of the different members of any given society the caretakers of it must arm themselves with this essential tool at all times. It is indispensable for the well-being of a society such that when it is properly applied it enables the society to survive for long and function with less conflicts or grumblings. It is one factor that helps us as members of one society to continue to exist and interact meaningfully with the others who have pledged allegiance to the same society or social system. With compromise we can easily find ways to make adjustments to accommodate the views and perceptions of others that are different from our own.

For a society to be called one it must function as a system. (For a more detailed discussion on this see the author’s essay about it at A system is an entity that is made up of different components which come together and function in unity to achieve a common purpose. A system’s overall performance is considered functional and not conflict-free. There could or will be frictions in any system but it (the system) must find a way to deal with or ameliorate the impact of the generating frictions or conflicts resulting from the inter-personal/group interactions and, still function effectively without breaking down completely.

A system can only be considered as successful or meaningful when it has found a way to manage efficiently those frictions and still function in harmony with its differing components. Generally speaking, the way to achieve such functioning system is through compromise that is based on honesty and fair-dealing. To achieve that there has to be a clear and sincere definition of the place of each component and the job it must render to enable the system achieve its set goals. Like in the making of any functioning machine the different components must be made to fit even when they have been made in different manufacturing facilities or environments.

When a system’s components are not fused together in such a manner as to make them work in concert as a team then it becomes a waste of time to continue to force them to perform jointly and such a system is bound to break down because of too many frictions and malfunctions of individual components. The human social system is not much different from any unit of machine or any functional piece of equipment made up of more than one part. In every system, parts or components are usually made for certain purposes and must be used for those purposes in order to expect the right results. Just for the purpose of illustration, how would you take the long span wings of an airplane and fix them to an automobile made to ply city streets and expect the motor car and the city to function friction or conflict free?

Therefore any compromise made based on insincerity or outright dishonesty is bound to be self-defeating because it will be favoring only a partial part of the parties to the system. A true compromise in a system is the one made to incorporate in a fair manner and even anticipate the future needs or interests of all the congregating parties. But when this all-important reason for a society’s being has been ignored or deceitfully overlooked then sooner or later the party/parties being short-changed will eventually find out about the unjust arrangement and revolt or cause trouble trying to right the wrong. The principles of honesty and fair play require that the knowing party must point out to the other/others, the obvious, not very apparent or an anticipated unjust or inequitable condition that exists or will exist and such issue must be dealt with in a sincere and honest and timely manner. It is only through such transparency in social dealings can a responsible and equitable society be built.

Time basically defines all existence here on our planet Earth and its passage brings with it all the changes as we know them. And because the human society is subject to time, change therefore is a constant phenomenon that must be dealt with on a regular basis by the members of every society. It is based on the reality of this premise that any dynamic society must constantly review and make adjustments taking into consideration the various compromising views or interests of each member of the society. It is in this way that the members can continually bring every aspect of the reason for their existence as one society up to date with regard to each party’s current need or interest as well as the overall interest of the society.

Nigeria existed at first as a Luggard fabrication and basically to function for the British Empire’s business interests. It served those purposes very well at its time but now time has changed everything and we must adjust and take cognizance of what is relevant now. There are different situations and purposes prevailing right now which cannot be reconciled with the reasons behind the first creation. Today the only honest reality regarding the Lord Luggard’s make-believe nation, Nigeria is the fact that the Biafran’s purpose is different from the Arewa’s purpose or the Oodua’s and vice versa. As a matter of urgency there must be a review of the present interests and views of each component of this false union.

The compromises so far have been based on clear and overt robbery, outright deceit, falsehood and dishonesty to the detriment of the Biafran part, in particular. Just these following three examples will give even the most disinterested observer all the pictures he needs by way of these claims. Take the instance of Gowon’s (a common war criminal) fiasco of 1969 which was the first of the many robbery cases with his Petroleum Resources Decree. By that unconscionable act of robbery the petroleum resources of the people of the East and Biafra were taken away without any recourse to equity or justice. Then Obasanjo (a common war criminal) followed suite in 1978 when he issued the Land Use Decree and forcefully took away Biafrans’ right to their land. And to make sure that Biafrans are completely dispossessed of all claims to their natural wealth wherever it might be, Abacha (a common war criminal) in 1997 through his National Inland Waterways Decree stole and seized everything in our waters and land.

For anyone who is still in doubt of if those orchestrated kangaroo “legal” robberies were not promulgated simply to take away from the Biafrans every natural resources that should rightly belong to them, let him or her cite an example of where any mineral gotten from any other part of Nigeria is allocated to individuals (common war criminals) by government fiats without any recourse to the original and indigenous land owners. Such is only applicable to the minerals as are mined from Biafran territories, oil and gas. These common war criminals have the allocations thrown at them to the deprivation and chagrin of the real owners and they make so much money through this illegal exploitation and becoming so overwhelmed with the huge stolen money they could not contain the excitement and publicly confess to their inability of knowing what to do with the enormous money.

We may have to point out at this juncture that one needs not overlook the fact that oil and gas are not the only minerals found in Nigeria. So many other minerals are equally found in other parts of Nigeria in very commercial quantities and are being mined even as you read this piece and the royalties are paid directly to the land owners only because they are mostly not found in Biafra. These minerals we are talking about include industrial metals of every description, precious and semi-precious metals and stones. And is it not a known fact that several billions of barrels worth of oil and gas deposits have been found in places such as Sokoto Rima River basin and Bornu areas but are deliberately not being exploited only waiting for the ones in Biafra to be exhausted.

Though the afore stated are as grievous and grave as they sound yet we want to make it very clear that our agitation for a sovereign independent state of Biafra is not based on the repossessing of these material and natural properties. They are naturally ours and we must have them back, but our agitation goes beyond those. To us freedom, security and human dignity are valued above anything else there can ever be. We cannot continue to sacrifice the lives of our children and women to the compromise that has been so lopsided such that what we get out of it is the mass murder and rape and defilement of our children, women and men. What we have gotten out of the Nigerian compromise are unjust decrees that rob us of our natural right to our inheritance and the sacking of our villages and the forceful dispossessing at gunpoint and carting away of our goods and properties.

Since the departure of the British on the so-called Nigeria ’s independence day, Nigeria ’s reason of existence ceased. Its purpose of creation died on the 1st of October 1960 and every party to the geographical expression as concocted by Luggard must have to accept the truth of it now. And we can no longer sustain the senseless justification of supporting its unity with the constant spilling of the blood of Biafran women and children and men. As an entity, Nigeria has outlived its first purpose and unfortunately has not found any other common or mutual benefit/interest for a continued existence. Now it must be disbanded to the respective natural components. About every decree or law that has been made in Nigeria has only been made to favor the others to the detriment of Biafra and Biafrans. And today we say enough.


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