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Updated on September 25, 2009

The United Nations.

The rambling speech of Moammar Ghadafi; the pointing fingers of world leaders at the United Nations, accusing each other of malfeasance or the other; the stoicism expressed by audiences made up of delegates from all factions of the the people of the world gathering in the General Assembly chamber; by their silence at one point and the smattering applause at other points; all go to show how confused the world was, or continued to be, since the inception of the U.N.

It was true that the meeting was convened to find solutions to the world's problems, as each other meeting has been; but there were more complaints now than ever before; with the leaders of Poland and the Czech Republic worrying about their status in the United States decision to scrub the nuclear defense shield against the onslaught of potential Russian aggression; Israel's Nathan Netanyahu fuming over the hauling of missiles senselessly on civilian Jewish populations by Hamas, and saying no to settlement freeze; with Ahmadinejad's refusal to halt the enrichment of uranium activities; and even Chavez claiming legitimacy for his Cuban propped government. There was a demonstration, right there and then on the assembly floor, before Ghadafi was just about to address the Assembly; but order was finally maintained by the U.N. security personnel.

The complaints were numerous, but there were no solutions in sight, except for the U.N. Security Council meeting, which was chaired by U.S. President Obama, passing a nuclear disarmament resolution, which in itself was non-binding; and so, the problems quite overshadowed any possible future or foreseeable "nuclear banning" resolution; even a minor one; that would ensure that the U.N. was not just a "paper tiger".

However, the most serious of all those problems was the one allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weapons or not.

The U.S. was not pushing hard enough on it, in favor of disallowing Iran to achieve its nuclear goal, according to some reports; Russia was silent, with Puttin and Medvedev remaining MUM on the issue; and China was bent on "no sanctions" against Iran to end its nuclear ambitions.

The scenario placed the whole world in jeopardy; in the throes of acute danger, so to speak, as Israel was poised on ending Iran's desire to make a nuclear bomb; and the question was not "how" but "when". For permitting it (Iran) to produce a nuclear weapon would not only encourage the nuclear spreading disaster that all nations were unwilling to entertain.

China's resistance to bring pressure to bear on Iran has made matters worse, knowing fully well that if the religious fanatics in Tehran had their hands on "the bomb", nobody knew what would happen next; and that the only way to stop other nations from acquiring similar weapons was to restrain a rogue nation as Iran was.

The U.N. has the obligation to bring order, not just under its roof, in the General Assembly, but in all its forums for all its members to comply to its resolutions, even if they were non-binding. For allowing Iran to retain the ability to produce a nuclear weapon would force Israel to take drastic measures to stop it.

The result was unthinkable; the end would be at the expense of the world's nations, which culminated into the United Nations Organization. It's (U.N.'s) determination to bring a bad situation under control by any means necessary, must be established soon, before it (situation) got out of hand. The world would be the loser any other way.


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