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Updated on June 16, 2011

A law suit for what?

The Libyan case is quite weird, for the distinct fact that Muammar Gaddafi will massacre the people in that country for any uprising that threatens his regime. Yet, instead of lawmakers putting their time to good use, they intend to sue the Obama administration on the U.S. military mission in Libya.

Though, they know that America's vital interest in that part of the world will be at stake, if Gaddafi is allowed to put down any type of rebellion by using force. The opposition will retaliate, and war will break out, and that will inevitably contribute to the disturbances that are already taking place in the Middle East; namely in Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Tunisia, where they (disturbances) have started.

Like any activity of disturbance anywhere, the economies of many countries are also affected; and that is more so now in the U.S., as crude oil price keeps going up and resulting in the cost of living also mounting higher and higher.

"the accusation by some members of Congress that Obama has violated the War Powers Resolution by intervening militarily for more than 60 days without seeking approval from Congress."(CNN-NEWS).

However, in actuality, there is no aggression on the part of America against the people of Libya, or else, the mission there can be described as declaring war without the consent of Congress, and that will definitely be unconstitutional, with respect to the government's part in the Libyan war. The aim of the mission is to remove a dictator from power and to save lives; and that must be looked on as being the right thing to do.

It was as clear as the sound of the Liberty Bell, when President Barack Obama announced that the situation there required the world's attention on humanitarian grounds; to protect innocent civilians, including women and children, from being slaughtered unnecessarily. People would suffer needlessly, while everything remained normal on this side of the Atlantic.

The Dow Jones Average fell so drastically yesterday, due to the uneasiness in Greece; and the market has become so unpredictable that any little thing could cause Wall Street to take cover. When that should happen, all hell would break lose, causing more problems for the average person and his or her family. Showing that a bad situation in one nation now affected all other nations.

That scenario easily fed into the high unemployment level of 9.1% of Americans being out work; an element which needed to be fixed without delay; and therefore doing anything else would be contrary to people's expectation of things turning around for the better. Proactive steps must be taken to revive the present state of affairs, than for some members of Congress to do irrelevant things to encourage the now slow U.S. economy for it to get even worse.

In other words, they were resorting to negative actions, which would halt the slight progress the government has made so far in recent months on the economic front; thus helping to put the country back on the verge of an economic depression, after September 11th, 2001 attacks and two wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, to boot.

Americas woes have become numerous, and it would be a better idea if members of Congress tackled them seriously, rather than spending their time filing for law suits against the Obama government.

Again, they were, in a sense, exacerbating the already insurmountable situations the nation faced, by dealing with trivial matters, like a law suit, which they knew would legally go nowhere, but would finally put the U.S. Constitution on the side of the president, for doing his duty to protect American interests at home and abroad.

P.S. This blog is no defender of any person, persons and/or institutions.


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      I totally agree with you. We joined an international effort to stop Qaddafi from killing his people. We are not a primary force. The UN, NATO, and the Arab League called for this. I think Congress is just war weary.