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Updated on May 5, 2014

Benghazi again?

If one should ask the talking heads on Fox News Channel a question; that, if the video that was attributed to the disturbances in North Africa during the Arab Spring in 2012, including Benghazi and Cairo, was not responsible for the Benghazi attack that killed four U.S. diplomats, then, what was?

That should be the question that the critics, who were trying so hard to pin the blame on the Obama administration must answer.

However, there would be no way for them to give the correct answer. They would be speculating all over the place, but none of them, no, not even one, could tell the American people as to what caused the Benghazi incident.

That was what the Republicans in the U.S. Congress were setting up a new Select Committee about; to investigate the same issue that has already passed through four Congressional Committees, with no fault being assigned to anyone in the Obama administration.

The State Department has produced loads of documents and information, part of which was the recent email that has sparked a new avalanche of controversy, warranting a completely new investigation into the Benghazi attack.

However,the sponsors of the new investigatory committee would do the nation a great favor by answering the question posed elsewhere in this article.

The Democrats should not abstain from, or boycott the Select Committee, as some of them were planning to do. No, they should allow it (committee) to proceed as planned; otherwise, people would think that they had something to hide.

They should let the Republicans to continue banging on their propaganda drum as hard as they could; but in the aftermath, they (Republicans) would be publicly showing their folly, and also, why they should not be listened to in an election year.

We all knew how much Obama has got on his plate; Syria, Iran, Ukraine, the U.S. economy, etc.; you name it and he has it to deal with. He would need more concentration on those matters and others that were bound to come after that, to assure himself and the country that he never wasted his time on unnecessary political rigmarole.

EMMANUEL BANDOH. owurakwasip.


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