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Updated on February 17, 2012

A fight to the death.

The controversy brewing in Washington D.C. will always have its two sides, with no wiggle room of any kind for neutrality.

There is a religious principle that condemns contraception, because it is equivalent to abortion on the part of a woman or women; and having to do it; that is using "the pill" several times every month, makes it even more serious of an act of crime.

However, women mostly fall prey to the practice from the advice by doctors, who will prescribe the methodology for patients that need not to have more babies; either that they already have had too many, or their health will be jeopardized in some way or another. Even that is no good an excuse.

Many of us are not Catholics, and will not understand the teachings of the Papacy, with respect to procreation; but it must be recognized that life is so special and an exceptional occurrence, if you like; and therefore to terminate it at any point, even from its inception, must be considered a criminal conduct.

Yet, a lot of people, mainly women, perhaps for any flimsy reason, will take the pill, such as for staying in shape, from the aspect of physical looks or appearance, due to their occupation as models or actors (actresses), or just to stop themselves from birthing.

Apart from doctors wanting to curtail pregnancies, some women will do so on their own or from the piece of the mind by their male counterparts, who are not ready to start having children, leading to forming families. Or they cannot stand babies for all the trouble they bring, in feeding and taking care of them, which to them (men) are boring and too time consuming.

That also goes for many women; particularly, when they are too young to carry that kind of a burden, with respect to child bearing and rearing.

The training after that is even worse, as the (baby) will be having a formal education and other necessities in life to be able to have a normal growth and upbringing; all that put together, constitutes a great deal of responsibility on the part of the couple, who are doing the parenting.

In a religious environment, only married couples have the privilege (and not the right) to have babies; and to have children out of wedlock is an anathema.

Contraception, after all, is another form of masturbation, which religious sects detest even more. It (masturbation) can happen naturally; however, indulging in it, just for the passion or the pleasure of it, makes no real sense. It only demeans human existence.

In recent years, population count has been deemed very important to benefit national interest and security; such as Russia wanting to expand its population growth; and so authorities there are encouraging citizens to copulate and produce more children.

No argument can therefore justify contraception as being an alternative to anything other than to end a life. In short, it is against the principle of life or living itself. Animals do not have to resort to it, so why must humans?

For that reason alone, some religious groups will fight to the death against the use of contraception.


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