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Cabo Verde

Updated on August 30, 2017

Cabo Verde

Globalization is fast becoming the proper term used to describe contemporary trends and times. It has opened many frontiers such as faster communication among people, quicker flow of money and information, more rapid distribution of goods and services from one country to other, and more immediate food production (Antweiler, 2007). It has penetrated in every part of the world with the latest effects taking center stage in Cabo Verde’s food supply aspects. Globalization influence on the food supply in Cabo Verde is intriguing, particularly because it is two-fold. First, the nation can thrive on food supply with the rapid globalization. Second, the globalization can override its efforts thereby resulting in relegation among the world first developing systems regarding food supply (Antweiler, 2007).

A report from the United Nations Development Programme prepared by Coelho de Carvalho in 2013 reveals interesting information about globalization and food supply in Cape Verde. The nation’s economy is mainly service-oriented. The government’s significant investments in agriculture, transportation, and public services have improved, accounting for over 70% of Growth Domestic Product (Coelho de Carvalho, 2013). The developed transportation systems and commerce catapults the availability and supply of food to different parts in real time. Primary food sources originate from the shellfish and fish, which are plentiful. In fact, the country exports a small percentage. Moreover, a state-of-the-art freezing and cold storage facilities and the fish processing machines increase food production and supply in Cabo Verde by ensuring foodstuff is kept fresh to reach the market and households. Based on globalization influence, many foreign investors have arrived in the country to enhance food production in public and private sectors (Coelho de Carvalho, 2013).

Hamilton’s article ‘Irrigation Restores Harvest in Cabo Verde’ is reliable and helpful based on the information it presents. It focuses on the aspect of tourism and the irrigation projects that have emerged because of globalization (Hamilton, 2007). Hydroponic farming is one of the ways the nation uses to boost its food supply and security. This kind of agricultural technology utilizes only half of the water that traditional agricultural farming methods use (Hamilton, 2007). It has led to increased food supply, particularly because of the number of tourists from Europe who expect their meals to be served with salad. Therefore, this development leads to more food supply.

However, globalization has also resulted in adverse effects toward the food production and supply. For instance, the food production industries emit gasses that catapult global warming. Similarly, the global warming melts the adjacent ice leading to high sea levels, which in turn causes floods (Hamilton, 2007). Such waves degrade the quality of soils and destroy plantations leading to low food production and supply.

Looking at the circumstances surrounding the developments brought by globalization in the food supply in Cabo Verde, it is evident that the nation has a sustainable food production. For instance, a proposed research proposal would ask: How does globalization affect food sustainability in Cabo Verde? (Antweiler, 2007). This question poses a thought-provoking aspect of time that Cabo Verde can take to produce food in surplus through modern technologies because only through such means will the country support its population efficiently (Hamilton, 2007).


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