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Caesar Vladimir Coronado, father of 14-year-old missing Adriana Coronado found murdered.

Updated on March 20, 2016

Caesar Coronado has been found murdered?

In a case that has taken a dramatic turn in a relatively short period of time, it is with heavy hearts that the Walker County authorities have announced that the body of Caesar Vladimir Coronado has been found around 12 p.m last Sunday in Walker County. The Walker County Sheriff’s Office investigators say that Mr. Coronado’s body had been burned, leaving them to believe that his death was caused as a result of a homicide. At the time, investigator’s believed Coronado’s 14-year-old daughter, Adriana Coronado was with her father at the time of his death, leading them to believe that she too was in grave danger.


Adriana is missing

Authorities issued an amber alert on Monday for the missing teenager, making note that she was last seen around 1 a.m on Saturday, the day before her father was found murdered. Investigators began working the case on the belief that she was abducted in Walker County, but believed that she was no longer within the county or even the country. Investigators have made note that neither the father, nor his daughter lived in Walker county, as they were residents of the Katy area.

Were gunshots involved in Caesar Coronado's death?

Caesar Coronado’s death has sparked interest in the Walker County Sheriff’s Department, not necessarily because he was killed; but the manner in which he was killed. Investigators believe that gunshots may have very well been involved in his death. However, Coronado’s burned body was found in Northern Walker County, a rural area. In Montgomery County, investigators found a burned pick-up truck; which is believed to somehow be linked to Coronado’s death, although investigators are not saying how or why as of yet.

14-year-old Adriana Coronado's body was located?

Yet; with more heavy hearts, it is sad to report that the amber alert issued for the 14-year-old Katy teenager has come to an end after investigators found her decomposed body in a grassy-field within West Houston; located near Mayfield and Mapleton-drive earlier this week. The Harris County Medical Examiner’s office listed the teen’s cause of death as “Multiple gunshot wounds”. Investigators have not yet released more details surrounding the discovery of the missing teen, while still trying to figure out if Adriana was a witness to her father’s murder, before she herself was murdered.

The investigation continues

At this time investigators are continuing to investigate both Caesar’s and Adriana’s murders, hoping to link them together, and find the person or people responsible. Little evidence is being released in this case, which in of its self isn’t to unheard of, perhaps not much evidence was found; or they are saving it until they have more to go on. Nonetheless, we have a murdered father and daughter and not much rhyme nor reason for it. Stay tuned as we continue to investigate this tragedy, I will update as soon as updates become available. In the mean time; my heart goes out to the remaining family members of the deceased, and the hope that those involved are apprehended and charged with the full extent of the law.

© 2016 Amanda Seaton


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