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Updated on May 8, 2009



When are the people of California going to do something proactive concerning all the wildfires they seem to be getting every year lately? It's getting so you can set your watch by them every spring,or late summer. Today I see yet another story on California's wildfires. Please explain to me why this keeps happening. Maybe I should be more specific,why hasn't something more been done to prevent such occurances? Now I don't live in California but If I did ,I sure would want something done about it! Is the problem money,which seems to be the reson for most foot dragging when it comes to funding what's considered a low priority concern by the authorities.Maybe the Arnold is getting too old to do something about this.I know about the saying that we should light a fire under our leader's to get them to do something ,but this is getting a little tiring isn't it? You'd think they would do something better by now wouldn't you? If the poroblem is partisanship ,let's take a lesson from mother nature. Mother nature isn't partisan so, why should we be?


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