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Call it the Peace Train

Updated on February 23, 2014

We will not go backward for a long time.

We are actually becoming more civilized. As hard as that is to believe.
We are actually becoming more civilized. As hard as that is to believe. | Source

The reasons are running out. The Hate Train is losing steam! Jump on and hang on to the new train.

Oh our vast networks of telecommunications let us know of so much atrocity and that is the start. One man and woman in Somalia knows that I know of their plight and there is hope. And in fact good folk provide more than just hope.

Let us not focus on a country. But let us focus on rebellion. There is no doubt that in fist fights those that like to fight, fight. And those folk are not our leaders in peace and love and understanding. Do not ever watch them make a hot dog if you want to enjoy a hot dog. If you like to smoke do not look at a picture of your lungs and arteries and if you drink, do not check out your liver.

So why do we look at rebels and ask them to be saints. Pure balderdash. We want them to be brutal warriors. And we just want tyrants overthrown. Get over it. We have seen at least a half a dozen real revolutions in the past decade and to a one they have led to more democracy and more representative governments and an increase in rights.

Some folks claim that the USA is behind much of it. Good for them. We are watching with interest as Iraq again crumbles. And this is not the people. These are maniacs who want to again force women from schools and compel a religion. Today this will not stand.

Even developing countries are lowering emissions

Freedom is finding it's way into everywhere.
Freedom is finding it's way into everywhere. | Source

In 1999 Helmets here were not required. 2010 fully mandated.

When our governments stabilize enough to control emissions and safety standards we begin a march forward. The best rebellion I ever saw was not one. Peaceful transition from Japan to France to the USA and to Brazil and South Africa are now the rule and not the exception.

Oh sure we watch and learn with amazement the changes in countries from Egypt to Ukraine to Libya and probably Venezuela. And many remember the fall of the Berlin wall. But how many notice Vietnam and are seeing the changes in China and India and can recall Spain and Mexico transitions.

I am not seeing transitions into horrible states of affairs.

I have been smiling lately as I cry. This song sung by this man shows us peaceful transition inside a man.

Do you look ahead for peace?

Have you hurt someone in the last decade?

See results

In about 1977 I had a backyard little farm. Folks would come and giggle.

OK I admit it, I was a hippie in college with chickens and squash and lettuce and radishes and carrots. (never could grow the dope;-) I had bunnies and a goat for awhile. My barefoot wife and I took kids in in the afternoon and taught them about plants and animals. My goodness I have no idea where we found the time.

Friends would come by and giggle.

Now my seeds are planted and animals are on the horizon and people get it. And my bride of only ten years laughs for she was raised on a jungle farm in a war in a place called Cu Chi Vietnam and what was grown was what she had to eat. Now she giggles at my garden because she is rich and can buy all she needs to eat.

But our point here is that in general back yard sustainable gardening and solar power are more normal than not. It is a world getting back to in synchronicity, when I did it in the '70's we were hippies and I do it now I have ingenuity.


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    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I do not know for sure how she would write it but I know my mother would say Mein Gotten im Himmel. And she would put her hand to heart and shew me to my stool in the kitchen with batter on a spoon. And tell me you are special to write such good writing. I just keep being amazed by people like IDONO. My world is awesome.

    • IDONO profile image


      4 years ago from Akron Ohio

      I get it! You know, I've always thought that when bad things keep happening, and seem to get worse as they go, at some point, something really good is going to come out of it. It's all part of the process of where we are at this very moment and this moment is part of the process of where we will be tomorrow. It's all part of the plan. Why the pain and sorrow of hatred, resentment and going without? One word: Gratitude. We will learn giving, loving and empathy and appreciate the things we persevered to get instead of taking for granted the things that are so easily handed to us. Especially the love and friendship of our fellow man; no matter race, creed or color.

      Our world is like a devastating forest fire that spreads and destroys whatever is in it's path. But eventually it runs out of fuel and burns itself out. From the ashes of it's fury, will grow something new in it's place. Something fresh. Something beautiful. It's all part of the plan.


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