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Cambodia Bank Sector - Top 7 Cambodian National Owned Banks Updated 2011

Updated on November 5, 2012

Largest Banks in Cambodia

Acleda Bank Logo
Acleda Bank Logo
ANZ Bank Logo - Has more ATM locations than any other bank in Cambodia.
ANZ Bank Logo - Has more ATM locations than any other bank in Cambodia.
Canadia Bank Logo
Canadia Bank Logo
Canadia Bank - offers an ATM Card
Canadia Bank - offers an ATM Card
Vattanac Bank offers a full range of banking services
Vattanac Bank offers a full range of banking services
Cambodia Public Bank is one of the four largest banks in Cambodia, but is owned by Malaysia investors.
Cambodia Public Bank is one of the four largest banks in Cambodia, but is owned by Malaysia investors.
Union Commercial Bank Logo
Union Commercial Bank Logo

From 1999 to 2009, Cambodia was hailed as one of the world’s fastest growing national economies, second only to China in the Asian region. In 2012, Cambodia's annual GDP was projected to slow but still outpace World, US, OECD GDP estimates with 5.8% as against 3.1% (World), 2.1% (US), and 1.4% (OECD). The Economist Intelligence Unit experts forecasted that Cambodia's economy would grow around 7% per annum through 2017. Due to the burgeoning economy, Cambodia continues to draw increased interest from foreign investors. However, one sector foreign investors might want to assess before doing future business in Cambodia is the health of the country’s banking sector.

Banking Sector Risk

In their October 2012 report, EIU investigators deemed Cambodia's banking sector as stable. Although there are concerns that the percentage of non-performing loans may be higher than reported, banking sector risk in Cambodia will be limited by commercial banks' foreign assets outpacing their foreign liabilities. Potential problems in the banking sector include the National Bank of Cambodia's limited supevisory capacity and heightened concerns about several banks not setting limits on large loans to single borrowers.

Attractive Savings Rates

Whereas CD deposits in US banks may gain only 2 to 3% at the most, many banks in Cambodia currently offer CDs at 5.0% or more. For instance, the Union Commercial Bank offers 12-month fixed rate CD deposits at 5.5%.

National Bank of Cambodia Annual Report

Even so, before sending a big chunk of change over there, the wise investor might want to research the relative strength and viability of the banking organizations. If you would like to keep up to date on the health of banks in Cambodia, the country's central bank - The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) - publishes an annual report which is available to interested parties. The report outlines the previous years results for the overall banking industry as well as each bank officially recognized by NBC.

This hub introduces potential investors to the top seven banks owned by Cambodian nationals with approved licenses to operate in Cambodia.

Acleda Bank Plc

According to data filed with the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) at the end of 2011, Acleda Bank Plc. was Cambodia’s largest commercial bank with at least 51% national ownership. Moreover, since originally reported in 2009, Acleda has surpassed Cambodia Public Bank as number 1 with total assets of $6.06 billion accounting for 18.9% of banking sector market share. Acleda bank remains Cambodia's most prolific bank in number of branches with 234 outlets spread throughout the country.

Canadia Bank Plc

As of year end 2011, Canadia Bank Plc grew to be Cambodia’s second largest commercial bank with at least 45% Cambodian national ownership. Moreover, Canadia Bank Plc. is the nation's largest banking institution fully funded by Cambodian nationals (100% owned). As of 2011, Canadia grew to 5.28 billion USD in total assets. Canadia also grew the number of branches from 24 branches at the end of 2009 to 33 in 2011. 13 branches are in the capital city Phnom Penh area and 20 others out in the provinces.

ANZ Royal Bank (Cambodia) Ltd

According to the NBC 2011 report, ANZ Royal Bank (Cambodia) remained Cambodia’s third largest Cambodian national-owned commercial bank and fourth largest commercial bank overall. ANZ Royal Bank ,which is 45% owned by Cambodian nationals, boasts just over 2.84 billion USD in total assets. In 2011, they still had 19 branch offices – 11 in the capital city Phnom Penh and eight in provincial areas.

Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia

Cambodia’s fourth largest national-owned commercial is the Foreign Trade Bank (FTB) of Cambodia. First established in 1979, the Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia is 100% owned by Cambodian nationals and now handles 1.65 billion USD in assets. FTB has only four branches three in Phnom Penh and one in am outlying province.

Union Commercial Bank Plc

At the end 2011, Union Commercial Bank (UCB) continued to operate as Cambodia’s eight largest bank overall, but moved ahead to fifth largest with at least 45% Cambodian national ownership. According to their annual report filed with Cambodia’s central bank NBC, UCB was 88% owned by Cambodian nationals and grew its total assets from $150 million to 1.03 billion US dollars in total assets. Union Commercial Bank has five total branches with two in Phnom Penh and three in outlying provinces.

Vattanac Bank Ltd

According to the 2011 annual report filed with the NBC, Vattanac Bank fell from Cambodia’s sixth largest commercial bank overall in 2009 to 11th largest in 2011. It also slipped to the fifth largest bank owned by Cambodian nationals. As of 2011, Vattanac Bank was 100% owned by Cambodian nationals and held nearly $764 million in total assets. The bank has four branch locations.

Cambodia Mekong Bank Public Ltd

Cambodia’s only other bank with a significant amount of Cambodian national ownership was the Cambodia Mekong Bank Public Ltd. At the time of the 2011 annual report, Cambodia Mekong Bank held assets worth just over $183 million and had six branch locations.


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    • profile image

      kuoy pheap 

      7 years ago

      It good for establish a bank in cambodia

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i 1 2 no abount campu bank have pic but don't have text

    • Amy Ka profile image

      Amy Ka 

      8 years ago from Phnom Penh

      Among all those, I use the service from ACLEDA Bank. I just noticed something funny at this bank because they call each other (colleagues) as Teacher...Lok Krou (Male) and Neak Krou (Female Staff).

      Beautiful Hub about Bank in Cambodia! I am a Cambodian too :)


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